The Adventures of Captain Marvel Serial DVD

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THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL Starring TOM TYLER, FRANK COUGHLAN JR., Louise Currie, William Benedict!!! In a remote region of Siam, the Malcom archaeological expedition has uncovered a lost tomb from the Scorpion Dynasty. They find a scorpion statue with five special lenses which, when aligned, create an incredible weapon of destruction. Each member safeguards one of the lenses. Young Billy Batson (FRANK COUGHLAN, JR.) enters a hidden chamber within the tomb and is confronted by an ageless wizard still alive. The wizard grants Billy the power to transform himself into a super powered man called CAPTAIN MARVEL (TOM TYLER) who is impervious to bullets and who can fly. A sinister masked enemy, The Scorpion, seeks to control the ancient weapon and use it against mankind. It’s up to Billy Batson and Captain Marvel to stop his mad plan! After the Malcom expedition returns to America, The Scorpion, now believed to be one of the expedition members, uses his gang to steal the lenses from his fellow explorers. Sir Malcom’s secretary, Betty (LOUISE CURRIE), and her aide Whitey (WILLIAM BENEDICT) join forces with Billy to ferret out the mysterious Scorpion. THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL was the first movie to bring a comic book super hero to the silver screen. Highly acclaimed, it is regarded as one of the best chapter plays ever made. Tom Tyler’s physical prowess, the amazing agility of stuntman David Sharpe and the special effects wizardry of Howard and Theodore Lydecker join to produce a most effective Captain Marvel. Though this character is considerably different from the original comic book persona, the Republic version is perfectly designed to deliver excitement, thrills and non-stop action… all necessary elements to produce a first rate cliffhanger serial. This two disc set is assembled from all digital elements that make for excellent picture quality. The extras section contains the original theatrical trailer, a photo section and a gallery of comic book covers from 1940′s and 1950′s CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES, WHIZ COMICS and THE MARVEL FAMILY. In addition, a second trailer section contains 11 previews for brand new Smarty Pants movies including THE RETURN OF NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL, an homage to classic cliffhangers. Digitally remastered, regions-free, in NTSC format. All ages. Presented on two DVD-R discs Directed by William Witney and John English 12 Chapters – B&W – 1941 – Aprox. 216 Min. Interactive Menus. Released by CultRetro in 2009