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Intent on total world domination, the nefarious Asian King Hitoma sends his daughter, Sombra, to America to execute and fulfill his insidious plans as quickly as possible. Once in the United States, Sombra assumes the role of a fortune teller and sets up business in the city while aided by her two henchmen, a gangster named Ward and an embittered, vengeful scientist named Jaffa. Together they are armed with a whole host of electronic devices and set out to steal the secrets of a new atomic rocket engine which is being developed by the scientist, Henry Weston. Meanwhile, the editor of the Daily Clarion hires the adventurous amatuer criminologist, Steve Colt, to solve a series of baffling murders whereby all the victims were killed by poisoned spider bites… the venom of the Black Widow spider. Despite a moribund cast, this film is well- written and engaging- witness the use of the same escape-from-jail plot device as in the previous serial, Dick Tracy’s G-Men- but with an onscreen nod to let viewers in on the joke. This original 1947 black & white release stars Carol Forman, Bruce Edwards, Virginia Lindley and Anthony Warde, was directed by Spencer Bennet and Wallace Grisell, and produced by William J. O’Sullivan. It is presented here digitally remastered on DVD in region-free, NTSC format ; with the full 13-chapter, 180-minute serial on two DVD-R discs, which should play on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2008.