The Crimson Ghost In Color DVD


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Have you been curious about the classic adventure serials of the 1940′s, but turned off by the black & white aspect of the old chapter plays? Intrigued by the descriptions of the rollicking action, but put off by the repetition of credits and recap with every chapter (necessary in the original theatrical releases, when movie-goers were seeing a single chapter every seven days, but possibly tiresome for the video viewer intent on watching the whole serial in one sitting)? Then this may be the product for you. This is the 1946 serial classic, The Crimson Ghost- starring Linda Stirling, Charles Quigley and Clayton Moore- completely COLORIZED, turning the B&W original into a FULL COLOR feature!! Not only that, but although all 12 chapters are here, and not a SECOND of vital story is missing, the recaps and credits have been edited out for better single-sitting viewing, which alters the running time from a cumbersome 240 minutes in the black & white original to a streamlined 93 minutes for this full-color version. But every bit of this great adventure cliffhanger remains-The CYCLOTRODE, a powerful counter-atomic device, is stolen by a masked criminal- THE CRIMSON GHOST, who turns its fearsome energies against the United States. Ace crimebuster Duncan Richards (Charles Quigley) joins with Diana Farnsworth (serial queen Linda Stirling ) to battle this villain and his henchman, Ashe (Clayton Moore, TV’s Lone Ranger) through 12 cliffhanger episodes. Directed by William Witney and Fred C. Bannon. An all-ages, regions-free DVD presentation in NTSC format, on a DVD-R disc which should play on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.