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The city is in the grip of terror as a criminal fiend known as the Black Tiger puts a choke hold on society. Enter THE SHADOW, mysterious force for law and order, who, in his guise as Lamont Cranston (VICTOR JORY) sets his agents into action to quell this lawless horde. But the authorities are convinced that the Black Tiger and The Shadow are one and the same. Both the police and the hoodlums are gunning for The Shadow so Cranston is in for the fight of his life. His beautiful assistant, Margo Lane (VEDA ANN BORG) is in constant peril as well. Right out of the air waves and magazine stories comes the mysterious Shadow to do battle with an enemy who can become invisible! Can he triumph over this unseen evil? You will learn the answer at the end of chapter fifteen! VICTOR JORY – Veda Ann Borg – Roger Moore – Robert Fiske Directed by James W. Horne Columbia Pictures 1940 B&W Over 4 Hours 15 Chapters Digitally remastered, all-ages, regions-free, presented in NTSC format on two DVD-R discs with interactive menus. Released by CultRetro in 2010.