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Crypt of Horror Volume 16 NOW ON SALE!!

Crypt of Horror Volume 16  NOW ON SALE!!

Crypt of Horror Volume 16 cover art by Bob PowellPrice: $19.95

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Hang onto your hats, horror-hounds; CRYPT OF HORROR Volume 16 is here!! Continuing the COH tradition of celebrating the great Pre-Code horror comics classics of the 1950’s, this 16th stanza collects another 21 complete vintage terror tales from such long-defunct publishers as Fawcett (with several stories from the late, great This Magazine Is Haunted title), Charlton, Magazine Enterprises, Minoan/Toby Press, and others. Top-flight story and art come together in treasures like ” Nightmare”, drawn by Joe Sinnott; “The Soul Stealer”, by Robert Pious; “The Thing On The Beach”, rendered by Steve Ditko”; “The Crawling Corpse”, as visualized by Harry Lazarus”; “Sand!”, by Bob Powell; “Third Grave On The Right”, brought to life by Bill Ely; “Close Shave”, by Fred Kida; “The Revolt Of Wilber Bixby”, drawn by Jay Scott Pike; “Weird Wonders”, by John Belfi; “Web Of Horror”, limned by Ben Brown and Dave Ganz, “The Sea Waits” AND “Tortures Of The Damned”, BOTH by Dick Ayers; plus “Out Of Control”; “The Store At The Cemetary”; “The Howling Head”; “The Night People”; “Life Insurance”; “Witches’ Wrath”; “The Devil Stole Her Soul”; “Eyes Of Death”; “The Sunken Grave”; and “Contract In Blood”. Buy this volume and you are sure to be scared senseless, 1950’s-style. Psychological horror, ghosts, vampires, aliens, zombies, walking dead, witches, demons, even mermaids, human she-spiders and shrewish, domineering wives- they are all here!! Chilling cover painting by Bob Powell!! Crypt of Horror Volume 16 is a fat 140 pages in black and white with color covers. It is standard comic book size, and is saddle-stitched. Released by AC Comics in 2013.

2 Responses to "Crypt of Horror Volume 16 NOW ON SALE!!"

  1. Mark Holmes  February 1, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    A great issue! A Close Shave and the Sea Waits are really good stories.

  2. Jim Johnston  February 21, 2013 at 2:14 am

    Just rec’d my copies to day .
    A lot of really great stories.
    I especially liked “The Sunken Grave” and “The Devil Stole Her Soul”

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