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Western Overview

Western comic books came into their own in 1948 and soon publishers were scrambling for material to meet the demand. Movie matinee Western stars were an obvious choice to inspire four color heroes and by the early 1950’s such actors as Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Monte Hale, Tom Mix, Rocky Lane, Charles Starrett and Tim Holt all had their own titles. Dell Comics and Fawcett Publications had an extensive line-up of movie star Westerns. Atlas (Marvel) and DC Comics relied mainly on their own original Western characters. Magazine Enterprises had a good mix of both. By 1957, most Western comics had faded into the sunset with DC’s titles running into 1961. Marvel rebounded in the early 1960’s and kept Westerns in print (although mostly as reprints) throughout the 1970’s. Charlton Comics was the last publisher of Westerns holding on until the mids-80’s. Since 2000, Marvel, DC and a few other current publishers have produced some Western material, but most of it has focused on elements other than the traditional approach of the 1940’s and ’50’s.

AC Comics has published lots of vintage Western material over the years, beginning in 1987. Our goal is to keep the classic approach to this genre alive as a part of our American heritage. To this end, we have licensed many Western film heroes (Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, etc.), acquired permission to reprint ME’s output (Durango Kid, Redmask, Black Phantom, Presto Kid, etc.) and lassoed many heroes who had fallen into public domain. Most books are supplemented with photographs, articles and interviews. Many smaller publishers of the 1950’s had interesting Western characters that have all but been forgotten today. Relaunching many of these characters (Wild Bill Pecos, Black Diamond, The Whip, American Eagle, Masked Marvel, Dark Rider, Cross-Draw Kid, Masked Ranger, Kitty Carson, Lone Avenger, Firehair, Masked Rider, Annie Oakley, Latigo Kid, Wyatt Earp, Starlight and others) has been fun and we’re glad that they have been well received by today’s readers.

Our BEST OF THE WEST title features three regular stars… THE DURANGO KID, REDMASK and THE HAUNTED HORSEMAN (Ghost Rider) and also features appearances by Rocky Lane, Wild Bill Hickok, Lash LaRue, The Lemonade Kid, Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B Riders, John Wayne, Black Bull, Arizona Raines, Sunset Carson and others on a revolving basis. Our WESTERN MOVIE HERO title stars Johnny Mack Brown in the first issue, No. 2 spotlights the career of MONTE HALE (this book features an interview with Monte), No.3 John Wayne , and No 4 Rex Allen. TV WESTERN focuses on the cowboy stars of the small screen, with Jock Mahoney as Range Rider starring in issue #1, backed by Guy Madsion’s Wild Bill Hickok and Roy Rogers. Seargent Preston of the Yukon is the lead feature in #2; along with more Range Rider. In 2010, we debuted our super-sized WESTERN TREASURY. It’s two issues each are a big 120 pages, and feature Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Johnny Mack Brown, Wild Bill Elliot, Monte Hale and Range Rider in #1, and a similar lineup PLUS Rocky Lane, Tim Holt, The Durango Kid, and Tom Mix in #2. In all, more than 100 different Western-related comics and comic-related publications are available for purchase. Please browse the AC Comics online store to check out all of the great Western reprint material AC has produced.

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