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Best of the West 68

Best of the West 68

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NOW WITH MORE PAGES OF GREAT VINTAGE WESTERN COMICS ACTION!!! This issue leads off with Frank Bolle’s TIM HOLT in “Cave of Three Skeletons”!!, originally presented in Magazine Enterprises’ Tim Holt #22, in 1951. Then, it’s cover star The HAUNTED HORSEMAN, in a Dick Ayers tour-de-force from Ghost Rider #9, 1952: “The Left Boot Murders!!” Next, Quality Comics’ The WHIP makes an appearance, in a previouisly unreprinted ( and untitled ) story from a late-1940’s issue of Crack Comics. Al Williamson (under his “Baldo Smudge” penname) contributes a beautiful WILD BILL HICKOK short, “Silver Colt”; and Jay Scott Pike & writer Robert Bernstein are behind “The Day The Earth Cracked”, a DARK RIDER adventure. Movie star cowboty MONTE HALE rings in with “The Tragic Lesson”, with art supplied by Ed Good; ROCKY LANE appears in “Invitation To Hang”, and The DURANGO KID stars in “Trouble Never Ends”, a Joe Certa/John Belfi-drawn story from The Durango Kid #17. Plus- inside and back-cover photos of Charles Starret and Rocky Lane. Vintage comic book reprints in clear, crisp black & white, behind full color covers. 48 pages, standard comic book sixe, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2008

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