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Title: Men of Mystery
Frequency: Quarterly
Issue/Number: 96
UPC Code:
Retail Price: $29.95


Men of Mystery #96


Writers: Richard Hughes, Otto Binder, Joseph Greene, Mort Weisinger and others uncredited.
Artists: Mort Meskin, Jerry Robinson, Bob Oksner, Ralph Mayo, Augie Froelich, Ken Battefield, Maurice Gutwirth
Cover Artist: Graham Ingels
Synopsis: ALL NEDOR COMICS issue!! FIGHTING YANK, BLACK TERROR, PYROMAN, CAPTAIN FUTURE, DOC STRANGE, cover feature Brad Spencer, WONDERMAN, The GHOST, The FOUR COMRADES, the origin of The SCARAB, COMMANDO CUBS and more obscure Golden Age heroes in NEVER PREVIOUSLY REPRINTED stories!! Art by Meskin, Robinson, Oksner, Mayo and other greats!!

Special Notes: none

Ned Pines turned a successful line of pulp magazines into a fair-sized publishing empire during the first half of the last century, and part of that conglomerate was a line of comic magazines. Throughout the companies’ 17- year run of comics production, it was known at various times as Best, Better, Standard, Nedor and Pines Publications; and between 1939 and 1949, relied fairly heavily on costumed super-characters to headline their books. Over the years, AC has reprinted a decent amount of Standard/Nedor material, but the demand for more never seems to lessen. So, with Men of Mystery #96, we’re doing an all-Nedor issue, featuring an interesting selection of characters and stories from this one-time industry major player. Standard/Nedor’s most popular and successful superhero was The BLACK TERROR. Of course, he’ll be a part of this collection, in a story that originally ran in America’s Best Comics. Another heavy hitter was The FIGHTING YANK. This issue will contain not one but TWO FY stories, one of which is illustrated by the Golden Age art team supreme, Mort Meskin and Jerry Robinson. One of the companies’ later attempts at a hero is this issues’ cover feature- Brad Spencer- WONDERMAN. An interesting melding of futuristic SF and costumed heroics, WM makes his MOM debut here here in a story illustrated by Bob Oksner and Ralph Mayo. Speaking of the cover, it was drawn by “Ghastly” Graham Ingels, of all people. Later to gain fame for his atmospheric horror work at EC Comics, this is (as far as our research can determine) the ONLY costumed superhero cover piece that Ingels EVER did. Other Nedor stars to be featured will be the Doc Savage-“inspired” hero DOC STRANGE, an adventurer who gains super powers from ingesting Alosun, a substance made from “distilled sun atoms”. Nedor often went heavier on the “fiction” side on their science fiction. Another example of that trend might be PYROMAN, who will make an appearance in this volume, too. Though the Latin idiom “pyro” (meaning “fire”) is in his name, he has electrical powers. Go figure. Also, there’s CAPTAIN FUTURE, who operates in the present. We HAVE done a CF story previously, but only one. This will be his second MOM appearance. Another interersting concept was The SCARAB. You’ll be treated to his origin in MOM #96. What makes him interesting is his choice of “partners”. The SCARAB works with a talking cat (that only HE can hear and understand) that happens to be the reincarnation of a 3,000 year old Egyptian sorcerer. Really. On top of all that, there will be stories starring The GHOST, COMMANDO CUBS, The FOUR COMRADES and more- 140 pages of rare, full-story black and white reprints from classic Nedor/Standard comic books of the 1940’s inside a full-color Graham Ingels cover for $29.95, coming in March, 2015 from AC Comics. Don’t miss it!!