AC Comics December 2015 Previews for February 2016 Ship

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AC Comics December 2015 Previews for February 2016 Ship

Crypt of Horror Volume 28



RGBCOH27cvrfCompany Name: AC Comics
Address: P.O. Box 394, Plymouth, Florida; 32768-0394
Phone Number:(407)767-1099
Email Address:
Title: Crypt or Horror
Frequency: Quarterly
Issue/Number: Volume 28
UPC Code: 64924192598902811
Retail Price: $29.95
Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched
Dimensions: 10.25″ X 6.50″
Page Count: 140 pages
Color: Black and White (with color covers)
Intended Audience: All ages
Genre: horror/fantasy

Country of Origin: USA
Ship Date: February 25, 2016
Writers: Ruth Roche, Carl Memling, Richard Hughes, Robert Bernstein and others uncredited
Artists: Ogden Whitney, Bill Everett, Joe Sinnott, Bernard Baily, Bob McCarty, Sid Check, Harry Lazarus, Leonard Frank, Al Hollingsworth, John D’Agostino, Harry Harrison, Pete Riss, Lin Streeter and others uncredited
Cover Artist: Norman Saunders

Synopsis: PreCode horror madness reigns with 22 more rare, never-before-reprinted gems from Fawcett, Merit, Superior and Ajax/Farrell plus -“Deep Dimension”horror!! Classics like “City Of The Dead”, “Death Dive”, “The Mountain Ghost”, “Pit Of Horror”, “Ghoul For A Day”, “Demon Fiddler”, “The Eyes Of Your Death” and “Skull Scavenger”.

Special Notes: none



The COH focus this time around is HEAVILY fixed on the unseen and obscure, as we’ve got another heaping helping of weirdness generated by the twisted creators toiling at the Iger Studios. That shop poduced most of the horror output of Superior Publications and Ajax/Farrell. THIS is the stuff most afficionados think of when the term “PreCode horror” is bandied about, and this issue includes quite a selection, with “Pit Of Horror” from Haunted Thrills; “Ghoul For A Day’, from Voodoo; “Demon Fiddler” from Fantastic Fears; “When The Sea Goes Dry” from Strange Journey and “Skull Scavenger” from Strange Fantasy. Merit Publications Dark Mysteries is another wild 1950’s frightbook, and COH Volume 28 will reprint the entire contents of that title’s seventh issue- “The Terror of the Killer Plant” (drawn by Al Hollingsworth), “The Hand of Death” (by John D’Agostino), “THe Eyes of Your Death”, and “Adventure In Death” with art by future SF author Harry Harrison. In the early 1950’s, Harrison often worked in collaboration with the great Wally Wood, but this is one of his seldom- seen solo comics art jobs. Fawcett’s early horror anthology, This Magazine Is Haunted has proved a favorite among COH readers, so we’re including a quartet of tales from various issues of that venerable title too, including “The Red Death” by Bob Forgione; “The Constant Eyes” by Bernard Baily; Leonard Frank’s “The Fat Man”, and “City Of The Dead”, drawn by the underrated Bob McCarty. “Deep Dimension” was a brief ’50’s fad, attemting an approximation of 3D effect in two-dimensional line- art, and this issue will showcase a half-dozen examples of the best- “The World That Time Forgot”, by Ogden Whitney; “The Mountain Ghost”, by Pete Riss; and “Death Dive”, “The Alpha Creature”, “The Man Who Died Laughing” and “The Monster In The Fog’, all illustrated by the biggest proponent of the “DD” craze, Harry Lazarus. All this and several more surprises await discerning readers in Crypt of Horror Volume 28, 140 pages of crisp, clean vintage horror reprints coming in February, 2016 from AC Comics, for just $29,95.