AC Comics March 2016 Previews for May 2016 Ship

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AC Comics March 2016 Previews for May 2016 Ship

Crypt of Horror Volume 29


Company Name: AC Comics
Address: P.O. Box 394, Plymouth, Florida; 32768-0394
Phone Number:(407)767-1099
Email Address:
Title: Crypt or Horror
Frequency: Quarterly
Issue/Number: Volume 29
UPC Code: 64924192598902911
Retail Price: $29.95
Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched
Dimensions: 10.25″ X 6.50″
Page Count: 160 pages
Color: Black and White (with color covers)
Intended Audience: All ages
Genre: horror/fantasy


Country of Origin: USA
Ship Date: May 28, 2016
Writers: Ruth Roche, Joe Gill, Richard Hughes, Robert Bernstein and others uncredited.
Artists: Jack Kirby, Bob Powell, Alex Toth, Dick Ayers, Doug Wildey, Steve Ditko, Rocke Mastroserio, Manny Stallman, Angelo Torres, Joe Maneely Harry Lazarus, Mike Peppe and others uncredited.
Cover Artist: Bob Fugitani

Synopsis: MORE PAGES/MORE STORIES THAN EVER!! Extra-thick 160-page compilation of 27 complete horror stories nobody else is reprinting, from publishers like Standard/Nedor, Toby, Superior, Ajax/Farrell, Gilmore, Media Pubs/Aragon; with art by Kirby, Toth, Powell, Ayers, Ditko, Stallman, Mastroserio, Wildey, Torres, Maneely, Andru and other greats.

Special Notes: Special Notes: Ships with TWO covers in an approximate 2-to-1 ratio, 2 with the Bob Fugitani (cover A) and 1 with the unidentified Golden Age artists’s “bats, ghost and skulls” (cover B) in addition to having TWENTY MORE PAGES than a standard issue of Crypt of Horror!


Crypt of Horror #29 will be a special “pages added” issue, bringing Pre-Code horror fans an extra 20 PAGES of top-flight vintage comic book creepiness, AND it will also ship with not ONE but TWO great covers, one classic Bob Fugitani design and one featuring a still-unidentified (but awesome) Golden Age artist’s ultimate Pre-Code scene (originally used on an issue of Fawcett Comics’ Beware!Terror Tales) featuring a screaming babe running in fear from bats, skulls and a hooded ghost. That’s the BIG NEWS with COH #29. Now, the “same old thing” that’s going on with the latest issue of comicdom’s top Pre-Code horror reprint anthology is a veritable cornucopia of comics horror esoterica. 27 full stories from the rarest of the 1950’s scary titles, like Standard/Nedor’s The Unseen and Out Of The Shadows, Superior Pubs’ Journey Into Fear, Toby Press’ Tales of Horror, Ajax/Farrell, Gilmore, and more. Stories include “Ring of Horror” by Rocke Mastroserio; “Secret Of The Mountain” by Angelo Torres; “When Time Ran Out” by Doug Wildey; “Death Takes A Hand” by Alex Toth and Mike Peppe; “The Ghost Comes Back” by Dick Ayers; “Nightmare” by Harry Lazarus; “The Man Who Said No” by Joe Maneely; “The Secret Of Planet X’, “The Little Things” and “Confederate Girl”, all by Steve Ditko; “Forbidden Journey” by Jack Kirby; “Grim Years” by Manny Stallman; “Dead Planet”, “Corpses From The Sea”, and “Savage Love”, all by Bob Powell; plus “Turnabout”, “Witchcraft”, “Visitors From Space”, “Beware The Bejango”, “The Planet That Wasn’t There”, “Ghost Gallery”, “The Mirror Of Mowgaladi”, “The Hole In The Ground” and more!!. In total, it’s a full 160 pages of rare comic book macabre, in glistening black and white inside of not one but TWO variant color cover designs, for the same low $29.95 price, coming from AC Comics in May, 2016. Don’t miss it.