UPDATE: AC COMICS Oct 03, 2020

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Still here. Still working on comics. We are fine, no coronavirus.  We only go out to get groceries and stuff.

Comic book orders still go out via USPS Monday-Friday.  Again, we always urge you to support retailers and buy your new AC Comics from them, but if you can’t find AC back issues, we have most of them here on our shop.   

In addition to that, you can find some original comic pages and art–

Bill is selling stuff here.

Mark and Stephanie are selling stuff here. 

Stay safe out there!

UPDATE: 10/3/20 

Still incredo-busy working on awesome new stuff! Working on Superbabes #6 cover this week.

UPDATE: 9/16/20 

Femforce #189  is up on the shop.

UPDATE: 9/13/20 

Not much new, busy working on new stuff!

UPDATE: 9/01/20 

Still fine, still working like crazy. Superbabes # 4 and Femforce #189  ARE at your comic book shops!

AC shop orders go out when we get them, via USPS M-F (unless someone orders a huge amount for an overseas order and we have to send it via DHL–but we haven’t had one of those in a couple of years, thankfully. Took us four hours round trip.)

UPDATE: 8/28/20 

 Still don’t have the new color books , Superbabes # 4 or Femforce #189 in yet. They ARE at your comic book shops!
We are furiously working… 

UPDATE: 8/23/20 

We have only four copies left  of Femforce #179, so we had to mark it up. Still don’t have Superbabes # 4 or Femforce #189 in yet. Hate wearing stupid masks at the grocery. Not one but TWO tropical storms in the Gulf. Otherwise, we’re fine.

UPDATE: 8/14/20 

Femforce #165 is sold out. Still don’t have Superbabes # 4 or Femforce #189 in yet.

UPDATE: 8/12/20

Golden Age Greats Spotlight Special #20 is on the shop!

UPDATE: 8/06/20

Superbabes # 4 is in stores NOW! 

We are fine, working on comics. 

UPDATE: 8/03/20

Huh? I thought I updated that–but the header says “July 22nd?” YEEK!  Anyway, yes, we are fine. We go out once a week for groceries. Orders go out when Mark fills them–if there’s a book he has to look for, it may take a day or two to mail out, but we currently don’t have any orders. Tropical storm fizzled. 

UPDATE: 8/01/20

Men of Mystery #115 is in the Diamond catalog right now for ordering! Golden Age Men of Mystery Spotlight Special #20 focusing on Fawcett will be in comic shops in a few weeks. Still working on comics. 

UPDATE: 7/27/20

Working on comics. Hope you are finding our comics out there…somewhere… Lots of rain in Florida.  Still have not seen a physical copy of Superbabes # 4 or Femforce #189.

UPDATE: 7/22/20

Femforce #189 shipped and should be available. We (meaning Mark and Stephanie) have not seen a physical copy yet.

 Men of Mystery #114  has shipped to comic shops and is finally on the AC store. 

Superbabes #4 shipped to Diamond this week and should be in comics store in a couple of weeks.

Golden Age Greats Spotlight Special #20 July/ August.
21st Centurions #3 August/September
Femforce #190 September/ October


UPDATE: 7/11/20  Men of Mystery #114 and Femforce #189 are in comic stores NOW! No, we don’t have or have even seen ANY copies of Femforce #189 yet. We do have Men of Mystery #114, which will be up on the shop next week.

UPDATE: 7/04/20  Happy Fourth of July!

UPDATE: 7/01/20  Still working. Seen this on superheroes?  The Big Two have bent themselves into pretzels appealing to the rampaging PC/SJW crowd, yet it gets them nothing.

UPDATE: 6/26/20  Not much news, just busy. We are still taking precautions, since we are running errands and assisting with vulnerable people. Not going out much at all BUT we are getting work done.

UPDATE: 6/22/20  Hope you had a nice weekend!  We’re still here and still working! 

UPDATE: 6/19/20  Hi folks! Had some security updates on the site. Everything’s working fine, but it’s not as pretty as we’d like.

UPDATE: 6/18/20  Again, we’d like to thank you folks for your orders! We really appreciate it!

UPDATE: 6/17/20  Men of Mystery #114 has also shipped to Diamond Distribution. That means both books will be in comic book stores in a couple of weeks. Men of Mystery #114 will probably be a week later than Femforce #189.

UPDATE: 6/15/20  Femforce #189 has shipped to Diamond. Unlikely we will get it in the store soon because it’s a color book, so please back-order it from your local comic shop.

UPDATE: 6/14/20  Happy birthday to Editor in Chief, Mark!

UPDATE: 6/13/20  Still working on comics. Still not sick. Still tired of all this coronavirius and stuff. 

UPDATE: 6/10/20  21st Centurions #2 is now on the shop. 21st Centurions is under “Independent Heroes” along with other creator owned titles like Big Bang Universe,  Dragonfly, Colt and more!

UPDATE: 6/04/20 

Working on comics! More news later! All webstore orders have been shipped out.

UPDATE: 5/27/20 

21st Centurions #2 shipped from Diamond to comic shops on May 27th.