Femforce # 123


The spotlight falls on Nightveil, Sorceress Supremme this issue, as she stars in not one but two stories. First, it takes a trip to The Limbo Void (and the combined aid of Synn and Commando D to finally secure the supremely- powerful mystical talisman known as- The Prima Gem; in an untitled story written by Bill Black, with pencils and inks by Jeff Austin. Then, the feature event- is it reality, or is it a phantasm? Nightveil journeys to far-off Altair to reunite with her star-crossed lover, Dan Barton. a.k.a. The Black Commando. Or does she? Why must the powerhouse known as Paragon come to her aid, and how is Alizarin Crimson involved? Find out in “The Dream

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