Femforce # 124


Tara, everyone’s favorite jungle gal, steals the spotlight when she takes a shower that starts a madcap chase thru the jungle-sans costume!! Art by Ed Coutts, from a Paul Monsky story. Then, an old foe returns to menace The Femforce- Darkfire!! When her twisted scheme for revenge puts Ms. V, Tara, She-Cat and Nightveil in the helpless clutches of her Menta-helmet, it’s up to Synn to come up with a “big idea’ to rescue them!! Great GTS climax with giant Darkfire and Tara!! Plot and layouts by newcomer Kurt Ruskin; script by Bill Black, and finished art by Mark and Stephanie Heike. Then, another heroine from the Golden Age returns- Tomboy!! Last seen within the pages of Sterling Comic’s Captain Flash Comics, circa 1955, Writer/artist Nick Northey brings her back to life in a wild, way-out and wacky all-new “retro

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