Gargantarama # 12

THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND COMPLETELY UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!The most unthinkable has occurred- Former general (now retired) Richard Gordon has entered plotical life. During the end of his military service, Gordon made life hell for the Femforce. As the official government liason to the team, they took orders from him. Now, Gordon has his eyes on quite a prize- the US White House- and based on his popularity, he just might get his parties’ nomination. When in Orlando on the campaign trail, the FF is called upon to handle security at a Gordon rally, and as the only two members not actively pursuing a case, SHE-CAT and TARA are drafted into duty. The night becomes more than an irritating chore when not one but TWO of the FF’s most wanted foes show up there-the time-travelling STORMY TEMPEST, and the feral feline known as PRIDE, in “Pride Goest Before A Fall


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