Submission Guidelines For Comic Books

Submission Guidelines For Comic Books:

We are also potentially interested in publishing previously established comic book creators and/or established comic book properties as creator owned comics. That means, if we’ve heard of you and we like you, we might be interested! Please DO NOT send unsolicited characters, concepts or comic books. THIS MEANS PLEASE DON”T SEND US ANYTHING, PLEASE PHONE OR EMAIL AND ASK US FIRST. Please, no comic book titles, no proprietary characters or anything related specifically to your concept should ever be sent to us at this time.

Contact us directly via email below.:

The AC Comics office phone is: 407-767-0199 Our hours are 9AM–5PM weekdays EST (Eastern Standard Time) (Note: This is a regular business telephone–NOT a “smart” cellular device–so please leave a message on our answering machine with your name and phone number and we’ll get back to you. You can also contact us directly via Mail: AC Comics P.O. Box 394 Plymouth, FL 32768-0394