AC Comics Staff

Mark G. Heike

Publisher and Editor in Chief  AC Comics

     Mark has had a long association with AC Comics, where he has written, penciled or inked virtually every AC character, at one time or another.

He got his start in fanzines in the 1970’s and he got his early break at Charlton Comics in 1981. His comics work for Americomics (later known as AC) in the 1980s included ‘Miss Victory’ and ‘Nightveil’. After a few years away from comics working in the architectural field, he moved to Florida in 1990 and began working for AC full time.

Mark G. Heike is best known for his work on Femforce. He worked on the first issue of that title and over a hundred issues since. Mark plotted and drew the first Ms. Victory story in Captain Paragon # 1 ( way back when AC Comics was known as Americomics ) and the Synn Special # 1. He also penciled Nightveil’s solo series. Mark was the editor in charge of Big ‘Uns and All Hero Retro Annual #1. Mark is also the driving force behind Femforce’s sister title, the new color book, Superbabes.

In addition to his AC Comics work, Mark has freelanced for Antarctic Press, Acclaim, Big Entertainment, Charlton, DC, Eclipse, First, Image, Sky/Knight Press, Lorne-Harvey, Malibu, Marvel, Milestone, Motown Animation, Now , Top Cow, TSR, T. V. comics and has worked on commercial projects featuring properties like Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens v.s. Predator, Green Hornet, Munsters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Uncanny X-Men, Witchblade and more.

As of 2014, Mark became the Publisher and Editor in Chief of AC Comics.

In late 2019, AC Comics went to full digital color for its entire line of comic books.

  Stephanie S. Heike


         Executive Editor  AC Comics

     Stephanie started working in comics before she graduated from USM (University of Southern Mississippi). Stephanie’s work was first published by AC Comics in 1991,  first as a penciller on books like Cat-Man, All Hero Retro Comics, and Big ‘Uns. Stephanie is usually scripting, pencilling, inking, lettering and coloring for books for AC Comics and does a lot of behind the scenes production.

Stephanie Heike has freelanced for various comic companies over the years including inking on Garfield for Boom Studios and Xena: Warrior Princess for Dark Horse. She also has pencilled  features like the Atomic Sub and Venus for Big Bang Comics at Image Comics in the 90’s as Stephanie Sanderson.

Stephanie is currently working on her new color comic, 21st Centurions, now out from AC Comics.

She has been working as Associate Editor since 2000 and officially became Executive Editor at AC Comics in 2014.

In late 2019, AC Comics went to full digital color for its entire line of comic books.

Bill Black

Editor Emeritus AC Comics

After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Advertising Design and serving a stint for Uncle Sam, Bill Black began his professional comic book career in 1969 illustrating horror stories for Warren Publications’s CREEPY and EERIE magazines. That same year, after learning of comic book fandom, he started Paragon Publications, and published “prozines” titled PARAGON ILLUSTRATED, FEMFANTASTIQUE, CAPTAIN PARAGON, GOLDEN-AGE GREATS and others. Here he first delineated the adventures of his creations SYNN- GIRL FROM LSD, TARA ON THE DARK CONTINENT, CAPTAIN PARAGON, SCARLET SCORPION, THE STARMASTERS, MS. VICTORY, STORMY TEMPEST and others. During the 1970’s Black worked in advertising and in film production at the FSU Media Center, Franceschi Advertising (Tallahassee), American Learning Systems (Orlando) and illustrated comics for Marvel Comics. In 1982 he launched AC Comics, one of the first 5 Independent comic book publishers in America and the only one of that group still in business. In the past 29 years, Black has written hundreds of stories, a few books, launched over 150 different comic book titles and had “hands on” in some capacity with over 1000 comic books and by-products. He created FEMFORCE, historically the first all female super team in comics. That title still continues after over a quarter of a century. In this title are featured NIGHTVEIL, MS. VICTORY, SHE-CAT, SYNN, TARA, BLUE BULLETEER, STARDUST and dozens of other original creations as well as revived characters from comic book history. Black is also very interested in the history of comic books and has published many titles devoted to reprinting lost comic book stories of the past. The most enduring of these are MEN OF MYSTERY, BEST OF THE WEST and CRYPT OF HORROR. Being a fan of B Westerns, Black contracted, in the 1980’s, to publish the adventures of ROY ROGERS, LASH LaRUE, TOM MIX and many other movie cowboys including his particular favorite, THE DURANGO KID.

As of 2014, Bill is now Editor Emeritus of AC Comics. In the last few years, Bill has returned to his filmmaking roots producing and directing many live-action films featuring characters from his comic book line such as NIGHTVEIL, THE BLUE BULLETEER, SYNN, GARGANTA, STORMY TEMPEST and NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL.

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Rebekah Black

Now, Rebekah Black knew little about mainstream comics while at Florida State University studying Interior Design. She did have the experience of reading Disney Comics and Little LuLu , along with Archie Comics as a child. She also had two close relatives that called her “Little Iodine” after the comic book character of the ’50’s. When she met and married Bill he produced a pile of Fantastic Four comics for her to read so that she would know what he was talking about. She found the whole idea of superheroes and heroines fascinating and fun….the fact that people had super powers was not silly, but rather a great fantasy (perhaps because she had always thought it would be wonderful to fly like a bird).

Rebekah taught Interior Design at Florida State, while Bill was with the Media Center, and they later moved to Central Florida where AC Comics was eventually born. She began her career in the comic book industry as a colorist, office manager, publicist, etc. Presently, her chief responsibility, besides keeping Bill in line and telling everyone what to do, is reminding pencilers like Brad Gorby not to make the FF ladies’ bustline too large!

In her free time, Rebekah worries about family members (including the cats) reads nonfiction., snoozes in front of the TV and tries to stay awake through the evening news.