AC Comics Staff–Mark G. Heike

Mark G. Heike

Publisher and Editor in Chief  AC Comics

Mark has had a long association with AC Comics, where he has written, penciled or inked virtually every AC character, at one time or another. He got his start in fanzines in the 1970’s and he got his early break at Charlton Comics in 1981. His comics work for Americomics (later known as AC) in the 1980s included ‘Miss Victory’ and ‘Nightveil’. After a few years away from comics working in the architectural field, he moved to Florida in 1990 and began working for AC full time. Mark G. Heike is best known for his work on Femforce. He worked on the first issue of that title and over a hundred issues since. Mark plotted and drew the first Ms. Victory story in Captain Paragon # 1 ( way back when AC Comics was known as Americomics ) and the Synn Special # 1. He also penciled Nightveil’s solo series. Mark was the editor in charge of Big ‘Uns and All Hero Retro Annual #1. Mark is also the driving force behind Femforce’s sister title, the new color book, Superbabes. In addition to his AC Comics work, Mark has freelanced for Antarctic Press, Acclaim, Big Entertainment, Charlton, DC, Eclipse, First, Image, Sky/Knight Press, Lorne-Harvey, Malibu, Marvel, Milestone, Motown Animation, Now , Top Cow, TSR, T. V. comics and has worked on commercial projects featuring properties like Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens v.s. Predator, Green Hornet, Munsters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Uncanny X-Men, Witchblade and more. As of 2014, Mark became the Publisher and Editor in Chief of AC Comics. In late 2019, AC Comics went to full digital color for its entire line of comic books.
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