Submission Guidelines for AC Comics

Submission Guidelines:

For Pencillers, Inkers, Letterers and Colorists:

We really love and appreciate getting enthusiastic artist submissions from potential freelancers, including pencillers, inkers, letterers and colorists wanting to do comic books, but please DO NOT send ANY attachments to this email address.

Please send links to your artwork posted somewhere online (for example, on a showcase/gallery website to show off your artwork)  and we’ll check them out.

If you have your art posted somewhere online on a site that you could send us a link to, that would be great!

We would like you to be able to demonstrate some ability to produce reasonably effective comic book continuity ( Six or seven pages utilizing multiple panels telling a story or sequence of a story) with attractive people/superheroes/superheroines.

Ideally, we would like to see four or five of those pages with depictions of mundane everyday scenes to give us an idea of the quality of the comic artwork by itself before we make a decision to move the discussion along.

We are looking for sequential storytelling in comic book art. We’ve gotten several people sending us “paintings” lately –static, digitally over-rendered  shots of characters and being indignant when we’ve told them “No, this is wrong.” We want to see comic book artwork.

While we do not strictly have a “House Style”, we do prefer material that will lend itself to “classic American style comic books”.  If you can draw attractive people using sequential storytelling , we can probably find a place somewhere your material will work.


For Comic Books:

We are also potentially interested in publishing previously established comic book creators and/or established comic book properties as creator owned comics.  That means, if we’ve heard of you and we like you, we might be interested!

Please DO NOT send unsolicited characters, concepts or comic books. THIS MEANS PLEASE DON”T SEND US ANYTHING,   PLEASE PHONE OR EMAIL AND ASK US FIRST.

Please, no comic book titles, no proprietary characters or anything related specifically to your concept should ever be sent to us at this time. Contact us directly via phone, email and/or regular mail and we’ll get back to you.