All Hero Retro Comics Annual 1



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EXTRA PAGES!! MORE NEW “RETRO” STORIES!!! A comics event!! Six actual Golden Age heroes, revived in the AC universe as supporting characters in the monumental Shroud War storyline in the Femforce monthly, each in their own solo saga, in action on there own for the first time since the 1940’s!!! And, although these tales carefully crafted by contemporay creators, the stories are all set back in the hero’s original time period’s, between 1940 and 1950. See Harry “A” Chesler Publication’s Black Cobra, (From Dynamic Comics and Captain Flight) in “Reptiles Of The Madman”, written by Mark Heike, and drawn by Brad (Spawn) Gorby; Fox Features’ U. S. Jones (From Wonderworld Comics, and his own title.) in “The Secret Of The Deathhawk”, with script and layouts by Mark Heike, and finishes by Stephanie ( Big Bang ) Sanderson; Holyoke/Continental’s Black Venus, (From Contact Comics )in “Ghost Of The Scarlet Salamander”, written abd drawn by Mark Heike; Nedor/Standard’s Pyroman, ( From Startling and America’s Best Comics. )in “Mystery Of The Space Kittens”, script, layouts and inks by Mark Heike, and pencils by Eric Coile; Prize Comic’s The Black Owl in “The Fangs Of The Flying Fox”, written by Mark Heike, and drawn by Bill Black, and Fox Feature’s The Flame and Flame Girl, (From Wonderworld, Big Three, and his own title.) in “Slaves Of The Lotus Demon”, script and breakdowns by Mark Heike, finished artwork by Tony Manginelli. And, just to make sure these guys got it right, there’s an actual vintage G. A. reprint story, Fox Feature’s The Green Mask in “Horror Sings A Song”, from Green Mask #9, with art by Louis and Arturo Cazeneuve, and Pierce Rice. Color painted cover by Brad Gorby, interiors are black and white. 52 pages, 67/8″ X 8″ Retro comic size. Printed in 1998.