Crypt of Horror #15


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Crypt of Horror #15

Hang on for another titanic treasury of horrifying happenings straight out of the great horror comic books of the 1950’s. 19 full-story reprints in glistening, crystal-clear black and white reproducing every nuance of the original line art!! This collection covers rare gems originally published by ACG, Harvey, Prize, Magazine Enterprises, Standard/Nedor , Fiction House and Charlton; and includes “The Hidden Horror”, “The Undying Brain”; “The Subway Spectres”, “The Tomb of the Unseen”, “Artist of Evil”, “The Well of Mystery”, ” Lure of the Snake Goddesss”, “The Angel of Death”, “The Wall of Flesh”, “The Bloodstone”, “The Bloody Fangs of Fear” )A Tale of the Haunter), “The Ghost Gallery”, “The Report”, “The Ghost of the Gorgon”, “The Lady and the Monster” (starring the Frankenstein momster), “The Drums”, “Monster of the Deep”, “The Shadow In the Mirror”, and “Numbered For Death”!! These frights of comic book fantasy feature artwork by such stellar stalwarts as Ogden Whitney, Joe Certa, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Bob Powell (TWO FULL STORIES!!), John Bell, Dick Briefer, Steve Ditko, John Celardo and others. If you’ve already collected the first 14 volumes in this series, #15 will be a must-have. If not, this issue is a perfect place to jump on the Pre-Code horror bandwagon asnd see what all the hoopla is about! Crypt of Horror Volume 15 is a BIG 140 pages in black and white with color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Released by AC Comics in 2012.