Crypt of Horror #36


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Crypt of Horror Volume 36 is now available!! 21 superb 1950’s comic book horror stories highlighting the “Unheralded Artists” of the Pre-Code era, including Bill Draut, Manny Stallman, Art Gates, Bob McCarty, Tony DiPreta, Dick Briefer, Richard Case, Bill Benulis, Jon Blummer, Edvard Moritz, John Giunta, Mac Pakula and Al Luster. Stories originally published at Premiere, Standard/Nedor, Prize, Charlton, ACG and others, including “Out Of This World”, “Keeper Of The Castle”, “Sinister Santa Claus”, “Frankenstein’s Creation”, “The Boy Who Was 2000 Years Old”, “The Flying Head”, “They Can’t Burn Blackie”, “Lottery”, “The Soul Of A Man”, “Mark Of The Monster”, “The Hands From Nowhere”, “Ghost Tiger”, “Find The Pin And Pick It Up”, “Five Found Death”, and “The White Bones”. We’ve also thrown in a few “star players”in this collection as well, including George Tuska on “Throw Another Coal On The Fire”, Mike Sekowsky on “Blood On The Speedway”, Steve Ditko on “I Found The Mad Universe”, Frank Bolle on “When Mankind Vanished” and Bob Powell on “The Choirmaster” AND “End Of The Line”. 140 pages of classic vintage comic book horror, reproduced in black and white using state-of-the-art digital technology. The most good old-time scares to be found in a single comic book ANYWHERE in 2018!! Standard comic book size, full-color covers, saddle-stitched binding; $29.95 from AC Comics. Printed in 2018.