Dragonfly #3


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Her fiance is dead-but not gone. And neither is that pesky Psiborg. But Nancy Arazello, A. K. A. Dragonfly must contend with the fact that the alien she works with is a renegade Rurian,and trouble erupts when another Rur-born super-type, Stardust shows up to take her home.Within a few years, Dusty and D-fly would be teammates on the Femforce, but right now, it’s a five-alarm slugfest between them in “An Alien Light”. Guest-starring Captain Paragon (Come to think of it, he and Dusty would be teammates in the Sentinels of Justice before she even joins the FF! That Rurian in yellow gets around!) and Richard and Nikki Latimer. Story and art by Rik(Judge Dredd)Levins, with inks by Rafael(Ralph)Cabrera. Color cover by Levins and Jerry(Superman)Ordway, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1986.