Femforce # 146


After a moody cover by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike and Mark Heike,this issue opens with the conclusion of last issue’s cliffhanger ,

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After a moody cover by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike and Mark Heike,this issue opens with the conclusion of last issue’s cliffhanger ,”The Botanist”. Just as the deranged Beatrice Green is about to dispatch TARA FREMONT with her mutant plants, enter the rest of the FF.”The Botanist” Chapter 3 is written by Maura Grundmeyer and Mark Dail, with art by Keith Dotson, Mark Heike and Jeff Austin. Then, a string of mysteriously savage murders in Central Florida seems to point to SHE-CAT on a rampage again. Wait’ll you see boyfriend Mike(THE SCARLET SCORPION)’s answer to the problem. Who is out of control THIS time in “She-Cat-Possessed AGAIN”?, written & drawn by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike, with inks by Mark Heike. Then- NIGHTVEIL has been haunted by the death of her teammate STARDUST for months, and when General Strock suggests the only clue to the tradgedy, the ancient Dagger of Ra may be a key to unravelling WHY it happened, NV sets out in solitary study of the object. But the antideluvian blade proves to be more than it seemed, and it sends NIGHTVEIL on an “Unexpected Journey”, which may prove to rock The FEMFORCE to it’s very foundations! Written by Mark G. Heike, with art by animation sensation and artist/writer on Viper Comics” “Wulf and Batsy” series BRYAN BAUGH !! And if THAT isn’t enough, turn the book over a flip it back-to-front for the latest issue of GARGANTARAMA- The COMIC BOOK- #9!!! Last issues’s new sensation, DINOSAUR GIRL is back, and not just in a stunning cover by creator Rock Baker, but in not one but TWO episodes of D-Girl, both written and drawn by Rock (with stellar inks by Jeff Austin.); “The Sabotage’, wherin size-changing Vivian Watson-Strand- DINOSAUR GIRL- smashes the efforts of wartime sabotuers bent on wrecking the US aviation industry in order to cripple the war effort, and “Return To The Forbidden Land”, where the FBI informs Vivian that Nazi intellegence has unknowingly targeted the very island where she recieved her growth powers as a base of operations, and that only SHE can stop the Facsists from stumbling upon a possible source for duplicating her abilities. In between, it’s the latest installment in the midevil adventures of the gentle giantess, ROWENA; as the towering beauty saves a village from destruction, and tries to negotiate a truce with her human-sized tormentor , Sir Hubert. As always, this episode in the life of Rowena is written by creator Eric Lindberg, with art by the team of Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. As per usual, this issue is TWO great comic books in one- 44 pages of thrills, action & ‘good girl” art excitement, saddle stitched between full color covers. Standard comic book size, with front cover art by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike and Mark Heike, and flip-cover art by Rock Baker and Mark Heike. Printed in 2008