Femforce #173



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Femforce #173 is SOLD OUT! The long-delayed wedding of former government liason to the FF, ROBERTA STROCK is the event of focus for this issues’ lead feature, and Ms. VICTORY, SYNN, SHE-CAT, TARA and STARDUST are on the guest list. But as usually occurs in the AC Universe, things DON’T work out the way they were planned when some unexpected party-crashers make the scene in “Wedding Bell Blues”, written by Stephanie and Mark Heike, with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. Absent from the bridal shower was NIGHTVEIL, still toiling on the world where she originally gained her arcane powers, DARK DHAGOR. Using strategy as well as magic, NV survives the first wave of attackers sent by villainess VIVARNA and her coterie of evil sorcerers, who now THINK they have the upper hand in the battle for control of the planet- but in fact the REVERSE may be closer to the truth, as you’ll see in this latest stanza of NV’s long-running offworld adventure, scripted by Mark Heike, penciled by Scott Shriver and inked by Jeff Austin. Then, SHE-CAT hears rumors of the death of an old FF nemesis- RIPJAW!! But don’t you believe it, because when the ‘Cat goes to investigate the wake, she learns that it was all a trap in “Iron Wake”, scripted by new literary sensation Andrew Hawnt, and illustrated by equally new (and equally sensational) Jacob Bear. Next, a short return to “yesteryear” as The BLUE BULLETEER accompanies a Hollywood pal on a visit to “The Old Dark House”- which just happens to come complete with a creepy butler and a mad scientist. Story by old favorite Mark Holmes, with art by Francesco Savi. Then, we journey back to TARA’s college days for a tale that picks up the plotline from “Rally ‘Round The Flag” back in FF #170. TARA has assumed the identity of the mysterious RACER G to clandestinely drive an new Fremont Motors design in several auto races in hopes the the publicity (and success of the car) will keep the FMC manufacturing plants open. When RACER G ( with pal JANIS LAWSON as navigator) enters a rugged California road race, she finds herself caught between fanatical “green” activists and an underhanded racing team from Finland in “Race To The Finnish”, written by Mark Holmes, drawn by Brian Dunphy and Mark Heike, and inked by Scott Shriver. After that, we head all the way back to the 1880’s for an adventure of The BLACK PHANTOM. When the reformed lady outlaw stops to help a strident suffragette, she wonders whether the cure may be worse than the disease in “Right To Vote”, written by that man again, Mark Holmes; with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. Finally, it’s back to the war-torn Pacific of 1944, where The Black Angel must solve the mystery of near-superatural Japanese harpies taking a toll on Allied warplanes, in “Painted Ladies”; an encore presentation of a story originally appearing in Cape and Mask #1. (NOTE: all AC web shop orders for this book will be shipped with the special, unannounced variant cover (by Stephanie Heike) you see pictured here. This is NOT the standard-issue FF #173 cover {also a Steph Heike design} that was offered through comic shops) All totalled, it’s the usual 80 pages of top-flight “good girl” art, action and intrigue, in crisp black and white ( with color covers) at standard comic book size, saddle- stitched. priced at $9.95. Released in 2015.