Femforce #186


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Femforce #186 is now available!! Within a NIGHJTVEIL cover by Mark and Stephanie Heike you’ll find seven gripping tales starring the lovely and talented ladies of The FEMFORCE!! Leading off, it’s “March of the Etherium” Part II, concluding last issues’ cliffhanger as NIGHTVEIL, SHE-CAT, TARA, SYNN and STARDUST must use all their strength and guile to free Ms. VICTORY from the clutches of the other-dimensional team of adventurers bent on making her a member of their monstrous and immortal team. Written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Dave Matsuoka. Then, it’s the start of an all-new “retro” adventure penned by AC creator of all things, Bill Black!! Set back in the 1980’s, at a time when NIGHTVEIL (and STARDUST!!) were members of The SENTINELS of JUSTICE, this previously untold story (titled “Into The Void”) starts with a mysterious, sentient threat from INSIDE NV’s Cloak of Darkness!! Guest-starring Paragon, Commando D and Scarlet Scorpion, with art by Johannes Vick. Then, it’s yet another untold story out of the past, this one starring Ms. VICTORY during the dark days of World War II (when she was still known as “Miss”); “A Romp In The Black Forest”- a 25-page epic that sends Miss V back behind enemy lines to single-handly free a vital Allied officer (and husband of Joan Wayne’s college roomate) from the clutches of the Axis!!Plotted, layed out and partially penciled and inked by Gianluca Cerritelli, with script by Mark Heike and additional finished art by Jeff Austin and Mark Heike. If you like action and spectacle against the backdrop of the pivotal Allied Theater of War, this story is for you!! Then, it’s a SECOND installment of Bossman Bill Black’s 1980’s epic as the SENTINELS of JUSTICE (now with SHE-CAT in tow) traverse weird dimensions to try to free NIGHTVEIL from the creature known as NEGEEMA, in “That’s NOT What We Meant By A Womhole”, with script AND layouts by Bill Black and finished art by Johannes Vick. By the looks of things, this story may run on continued for a number of issues YET!! Then, Ms. VICTORY is back fighting solo in the present, as she gets word that some shadowy paramilitary group (any guesses who that might be?) are planning to arm a missile with the mysterious and deadly Element X. Could she do anything less than bust their whole plot? That’s exactly what happens in “Bang For Your Buck”, written by Mark Holmes, with art by Paolo Bodini and Mark Heike. YANKEE GIRL makes a return-engagement (as does writer Mark Holmes) in “Make A Splash” as reluctant heroine Lauren Mason’s gig judging a beauty pagent turns into a frantic chase across town to recover a priceless fashion item for YG. Pencils by Dan Gorman, with inks by Jeff Austin and Mark Heike. Finally, we reprise a rare gem culled from the low-run (and long out-of-print) Femforce: Rarities TPB- The VERY FIRST Ms. VICTORY story, plotted and drawn by Mark Heike ‘way back in 1980’s; it sat unpublished in the AC archives until that 2015 trade paperback- we present it here for the second time, so all loyal FF readers can see how it all began!! Add it all together, and it’s another full 80 pages of action, adventure and glamor in the classic AC/FEMFORCE manner . Standard comic book size, color covers with black and white interiors, for $9.95.