Femforce # 3


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Blue Bulleteer returns to her normal state as Nightveil, and the Femforce go to the underwater city of Oceanus One to track down a gang of smugglers whose trail starts at Tara’s Jungle Island refuge. But are the bad guys after exotic animals- or gold??!!?? “Skin Game” is written and layed out by Bill Black, pencilled by Mark Heike and Mark Propst, and inked by Mark Heike and Bill Black. Guest-starring Janice Lawson, Captain Freedom, Commodore Faraday, Randall Crowley, Riot O’Rourke and Stella Stargaze, the first Femforce appearance for all of these characters. In the back-up, Colt’s nemesis Montague Moon is back, in “Moon’s Mind Masquerade”. He plots to destroy Colt by having her creators killed in his artificial dream-hypnosis machine. Paul Daly, Rick Burchett and Bill Black are all menaced, but finally saved by Colt, in there own dreams. Story by Don Secrease, art by Daly, Black, Burchett and Secrease. Color cover by Mark Heike and Bill Black, full color throughout. Sitandard comic book format. Printed in 1985.