Femforce # 66


All Color!! My Sister, My Enemy-Final Chapter. As the powerhouse known as Fem-Paragon pummels Jennifer, Joan Wayne’s motherly protectiveness kicks into overdrive, and she comes to the rescue. While Nightveil staves off chaos on Dark Dhagor, the freed Stardust sets a timer to slingshot Rur back to it’s normal spot in the universe. As the heroes turn the tide in the battle with the Rurian ground troops, Stardust has one last hurdle- to win over the brainwashed Aleyta. Once that is done, she (with the help of Captain Video/Videxx) exposes the entire Rur war as staged to benefit the power-mad Proxima. The troops rteat, lest they be stranded when Rur returns to position. The heroic Aleyta reveals that the super-powers Proxima’s scientists gave her have lethal side effects, just before she expires. Joan and Jen have a measure of reconciliation , in light of the sacrifices each made for the other in the fight, and Dusty tells David Burke once and for all that they have no future. This untitled story is written by Bill Black and Mark Heike, drawn by Dave Roberts and Mark Heike, and inked by Chris Allen. It guest stars Queen Reina, Commando D, The Scarlet Scorpion, Yankee Girl, Catman and Kitten, The Shade, Black Venus, American Crusader, Green Lama, Paragon, Astra and Astron. And, The Trial Of The Black Phantom cocludes with “Beyond The Veil

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FeFo#66 All Color!! My Sister, My Enemy, Part II- As the seismic disturbances on Earth worsen, invasion troops from our new neighbor planet, Rur, begin a ground assault. Between saving innocent lives at natural disasters and battling alien troops, the resources of Earth’s paranormal defenders are stretched to there absolute limit. What could possibly make things any worse? Well, how about Ms. V suddenly morphing back into Rad, Tara losing control of her growing powers, and She-Cat possessed by Sehkmet? How about Stardust captured by the agressor Rurians, Nightveil jockeying for leadership of the FF, and Fem-Paragon broken out of her stasis tube? (And you know whose side she’ll be on !!) Things look bad for Earth… Story by Tillman Smoot, Mark Heike and Bill Black, drawn by Dave Roberts and Mark Heike, and inked by Chris Allen. Guest starring Buckaroo Betty, David Burke, Miss Masque, The Avenger, Reddevil, Rocketman and Jetgirl, Yankee Girl , Catman and Kitten, Astron and Astra, Paragon, Commando D, Scarlet Scorpion, Captain Flash, The Hood, Proxima, and Aleyta. Brief GTS scene with Tara, lots of superhero action. Then, it’s The Trial Of The Black Phantom, Part III- “On The Precipice!” Just as an arrow is about to pierce the heart of the bound Black Phantom, fate steps in. A bullet from the gun of a mysterious stranger shatters the quarrel mere centimeters from lethal penetration. The stranger? A frontier anomaly, the Asian woman known as China Doll. Freed by the strange saviour, she is soon destined for more bad fortune. Story by Nick Northey and Mark Heike, drawn by Nick Northey and Mark Heike, inked by Nar Castro and Sonny delos Santos. Color cover by Brad Gorby, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.