Femforce # 70


All Color!!! Remember that climactic point in FF#64, when Too Tall Tara was suddenly rocketed from her adventure on Taragonia island, into Los Angeles with Garganta and Nightveil? Well , this story tells the tale of what happened that day. (And, it’s actually the wrap-up of the Wild Side series that ran in Jungle Girls #’s 14-16.) The giantess and her jungle girl cohorts get a visit from Nightveil, who warns them that the island they are on is really at the nexus of a dimensional implosion that occured when a mystic war involving and ancient sorcerer and his consort took place there centuries earlier. Nuclear testing on the island several decades ago has somehow brought the evil sorcerer Shinduu, and his mate Varushka back to life, bringing all sort of time anomalies with them. “Beware… Shinduu The Sorcerer

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