Femforce: Out of the Asylum Special #1


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Stories by Bill Black and Leo Laney. Art by Bill Black, Don Secrease, and Bill Lux, plus some panels by Joe Kubert. Cover by Bill Black. A key issue in AC Comics revival of the Golden Age superheroes from the past. Dr. Jonathan Weir, better known as the Purple Claw, revives heroes that have been frozen since the 1940s, including many future AC comics stars, such as Captain Wings, Skygirl, Camilla, Glory Forbes, Tigerman, Bulleteer, Tiger Girl, Firehair, Kaanga, Black Cobra, Torpedoman, Cat-Man and Kitten, Yankee Girl, Crimebuster, The Hood, Strong Man, Starr Flagg, The Avenger, Captain Flash, Dynamic Man, The Targeteers, Cave Girl, Green Lama, Rocketman and Jetgirl. The panels showing the asylum of the title are taken from a 1950s Joe Kubert story; Kubert is listed in the credits as “Architecture.” In the backup story, Femforce goes undercover to find a policewomans killer, and encounters an old enemy. Out of the Asylum; Miami Spice. 32 pages, B&W. Cover price $1.95. Printed in 1987