Golden Age Greats Spotlight # 2 First printing


OUT OF  STOCK!!  SECOND EDITION NOW AVAILABLE The best – drawn features of comics’ Golden Age came from a company whose name accurately reflected their product- Quality Comics. See indepth coverage on many obscure and rarely-seen heroes fom this great line, rendered by some of the greatest craftsmen the comics field has ever known. Check out crisp, clean full-story reprints of such gems as both Dollman and Firebrand by Reed Crandall, George Brenner’s The Clock; The Human Bomb AND Arizona Raines, drawn by Paul Gustavson; Phantom Lady , illustarted by Arthur Peddy; Lady Luck by Klaus Nordling; The Ray, as rendered by Lou Fine and Bob Fujitani; Torchy, by Bill Ward; USA, The Spirit of Old Glory, by Maurice Gutwirth; the freedom-loving freebooter Black Roger; and undercover agent par excellance Peter Trask, the T-Man – in stories never previously seen since their original printings in the 1940’s, comprising more than 90 pages of material!! Plus, previously-reprinted (in various issues of AC’s Men of Mystery and Golden Age Greats titles ) adventures of such Quality stalwarts as The Spider-Widow, (by Rudy Palais): Espionage, starring The Black X, (as drawn by Will Eisner): Manhunter, (by Alex Kotzky); Wildfire, (by Jim Mooney); Reuben Moriera’s G-2, and Quicksilver by the great Jack Cole. All this plus cover repros and a text overview of the company by comics historian Bill Black. 150 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic-bokk size and squarebound perfect binding.New Edition adds BLACK CONDOR by Lou Fine, CAPTAIN TRIUMPH, KID ETERNITY, WONDER BOY by Al Bryant; additional WILDFIRE and LADY LUCK stories- plus NEW MANHUNTER & T-MAN adventures!!Revised Edition printed in 2007.

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