Golden Age Greats Spotlight # 12


A second giant volume focusing on the most OUTRAGEOUS “good girl

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Now Available!! A second giant volume focusing on the most OUTRAGEOUS “good girl” art in comic book history! Our Golden Age Greats Spotlight Special Volume 8 proved so popular, those outrageous gals are back here in Volume 12 as Outrageous Good Girls Strike Back! It’s another heaping helping of female pulchritude as drawn by the masters of the female form, with more than 20 full stories spread over 140 big pages, with special focus on three great GGA artists- Wallace Wood, Frank Frazetta and Bob Lubbers!! Contents include a never-previously-reprinted afventure of Fox Features’ legendary PHANTOM LADY- “The Criminal Chessmen”, DAGAR the DESERT HAWK (and his spectacular female friends) from Dagar #14 (actually the first issue) as drawn by Ed Good; the freebooting CORSAIR QUEEN, from Quality Comics’ The Buccaneers; Matt Baker at his best on a pair of Fiction House beauties- MYSTA of the MOON and SKY GIRL; and glamorous espionage with Starr Flagg, UNDERCOVER GIRL from M.E’.’s Mamhunt, as rendered by Ogden Whitney. But there’s LOTS more than that- including GGA stories that PRECLUDE the dawn of comic books themselves, with FOUR actual adventures of SALLY the SLEUTH; comic-style stories (drawn by Adolph Barreaux) that appeared within the pages of the Spicey Detective pulps in the mid-1930’s; the first in-costume appearance of PAT PARKER, WAR NURSE from Speed Comics; Rangers Comics’ star FIREHAIR, AND a LONG SAM adventure, both by Bob Lubbers; and a pair of TORCHY stories- one drawn by creator Bill Ward, plus a second by Gill Fox. PUSSYCAT is back, in a spectacularlay-drawn story by the great Jim Mooney- “Wild Wheels”, as well as BLONDE BOMBER; illustrated by Jill Elgin. There’s also an eye-popping adventure of DAN BRAND and TIPI-you wouldn’t normaly think this strip, with it’s early frontier days theme would be GGA fodder, but when you see the gorgeous blonde that Frank Frazetta draws all through this one, you’ll see why we had to include it; and Wallace Wood’s glamor/humor feature DRAGONELLA speaks for itself. All of this and more surprises make for another great collection of some of the wildest pin-up style art in the history of comic books. 140 full pages in black and white, with full color covers. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Released in 2013.