Golden Age Greats Spotlight # 3


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One of the first Golden Age comic book publishers to invest heavily in the costumed superhero as a lead feature is the focus of this installment in the Golden Age Greats series, as Fox Features is given the GAG treatment. When the first Fox title, Wonder Comics appeared on the stands in early 1939, their were fewer than 20 comic book titles being published in the US, and no more than four characters that could be considered costumed heroes had EVER been seen in those comics. Before halting production in early 1942, Fox would publish dozens, influencing other publishers and fascinating a burgeoning fan base, while providing early experience and exposure to some of the biggest-named creators in comic book history. This 120-page volume dedicated to the early days of Fox Feratures and their ground-breaking anthologies Mystery Men, Fantastic, Weird, Science and Wonderworld; contains 14 full Fox Features stories reprinted in their entirety; 10 of which ( a full 88 pages ) have NEVER BEFORE been reprinted. Thrill to the adventures of The FLAME, SAMSON, The LYNX, The SORCERESS of ZOOM, GREEN MASK, The BLACK FURY, STARDUST the SUPER-WIZARD, YARKO, Dr. FUNG, DYNAMO The EAGLE , U.S. JONES, MARGA The PANTHER WOMAN and The DART!! With art by Lou Fine, Will Eisner, Bob Powell, Harry Lucey, Chuck Winter, Fletcher Hanks and others. Also includes an illustrated text overview of the company, with pictures of The BLACK LION, The GLADIATOR, THOR and The NIGHTBIRD. An important, if seldom-discussed chapter in the history of comics is covered here. 120 pages in black and white, with full color covers. Standard comic book size and format, saddle-stiched. Released in 2008.