Great American Western #5




GAW#5 This special issue is completely devoted to the king of the action cowboys- Sunset Carson! Starting with an introductory letter from his widow, Jeane J. Carson, on the second page, it’s 52 pages of rollicking action- including not one but TWO, all new, never-before-seen Sunset Carson comic book stories, drawn especially for this book, in full color! First, there’s “The Night Of The Rattler”, wherin the sagebrush marshal comes up against a foe that seems almost supernatural. Written by Bill Black, drawn by Jordi Ensign, and inked by Mark Heike. Then, the thrills and chills continue, as Sunset stalks the streets of Morgue, Texas, where he gets a little help ropin’ the badhats from none other than The Haunted Horseman !(M. E.’s original Ghost Rider!!) Written and inked by Wild Bill Black, and drawn by legendary western comic artist (and co-creator of The Original Ghost Rider) Darlin’ Dick Ayers!! But that’s not all- this book includes a run-down of Sunset’s movie career, including a complete filmography- resplendant with lots and lots of photos. Plus, a special feature on the “Leonardo Of Leather”, Bob Brown- renowned for creating holsters and boots for such cowboy greats as Monte Hale, William Boyd, Tom Mix, Charles Starrett, John Wayne, and Sunset himself. Written by long-time friend Jeane Carson. Color photo cover, interiors are color and black and white. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1991.