Jungle Girls 1





The concept of a beautiful female adventurer romping through the jungle has been a staple of comics and films since the late 1930’s. With this title, AC would celebrate the great jungle girls of popular culture throughout the years, and into the present. Leading off this premiere issue is the top contemporary jungle babe, Tara Fremont, star of AC’s Femforce supergroup. On a trip to Africa, Tara runs afoul of the local native witch woman, Na’Waga, in “The Mirror Of Horror”, written and drawn by Bill Black. This is a new story, adapted from a previous tale that originally appeared in Paragon Publications’ Tara On The Dark Continent #1, in 1969.Then, it’s a pair of classic Golden Age reprints, with Bob Powell’s Cave Girl, in “Terror In The Town”, originally seen in Magazine Enterprises’ Cave Girl #14, and Nyoka the Jungle Girl in “The Alligator Island”, from Charlton’s Zoo Funnies #10. Sexy, sultry jungle temptresses in primordial action from cover to cover. Color cover by Bill Black, interiors are black and white with graytones.28 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1988