Jungle Girls #9


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Another bookload of vintage Fiction House reprints, starting off with a rare Robert H. Webb illustrated Tiger Girl story, out of Fight Comics-“The Falls Of Doom”! Then, Matt Baker does art chores on Camilla, Wild Girl of the Congo, in “Treasure of the Zulus”. Next, an absolutely gorgeous Sheena, Queen of the Jungle story from very late in her original run, also done by Robert H. Webb, shot DIRECTLY FROM THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK!! Plus- a unique bonus- a Golden Age jungle story drawn by Gene Fawcette, reworked slightly into Tara Of The Jungle- “Black Death”. See the contemporary Femforce star as she might’ve looked if she’d’ve been a late-’40’s vine-swinger. Babes a-plenty!! Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 36 pages, printed in 1992.