Men of Mystery # 60


It’s the “Golden Age Champions of Quality

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It’s the “Golden Age Champions of Quality” issue, as Everett “Busy” Arnold’s top-flight comics line is the book-length feature, opening with yet another John Spranger- drawn gem of a DOLLMAN adventure entitled “Death Is My Hobby”, wherin the diminutive daredevil tangles with his fishy arch-nenesis, The Moray. Then, making his Men of Mystery debut, the long-running star of Crack Comics- CAPTAIN TRIUMPH, as the alter ego of ordinary Lance Lamont breaks up the larcenous Moxon mob. Then, Police Comics headliner MANHUNTER clears an innocent man named Charles Chuckaluck from a murder rap by catching the real guilty party. Then- not one but TWO Klaus Nordling LADY LUCK adventures; as the daring damsel breaks up a gang of geriatric gangsters called the Old Croney Mob; and also uses the practicing thespians employed in a horror-themed play to scare the Skullish Gang into giving up. All this plus Pete Trask, T-MAN, up to his neck introuble as he attempts to free a fellow agent by allowing himself to be taken as a “Red Hostage”!!. All stories are complete, reprinted from actual vintage comic books originally published in the 1940’s & ’50’s, using state-of-the-art reproduction methods. 52 pages, black & whitw with color covers, standard comic book size & format, saddle-stitched, printed in 2006