Men of Mystery # 78


Another issue of 100% quality- Quality Comics that is, as Everett Arnold’s late, great comic house of the 1940’s and early ’50’s is the complete focus of this volume of MOM. Inside Mike Machlan’s superb Jack Kirby homage cover of Quality Comic’s MANHUNTER you’ll find that very same character himself in the lead story, as a criminal convention nominates a team of underworld killers to try to take out The MANHUNTER and his dog THOR, in an unnamed story originally seen in Police Comics #25, with art by Reed Crandall and Rudy Palais. Then, it’s Paul Gustavson’s JESTER, wherin the laughing clown of crimefighting breaks up a phoney charity casino scam in a vintage tale from Smash Comics #34, followed by Jim Mooney and Robert Turner’s groundbreaking “good girl

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