Nyoka the Jungle Girl # 5




Stories by Bill Black, Bill Feret and Rod Reed. Art by Bill Black, Richard Roman, and Bert Whitman. Cover photo shows Frances Gifford, star of the Jungle Girl serial. Good-girl and Golden Age champions AC Comics revive Nyoka, the long-running star of movie serials and comic book adventures in the Golden Age. Nyoka and the Blonde Bomber encounter the mysterious Hooded Serpent; a classic three-part Nyoka story from the Golden Age; A report on a movie serial retrospective held at the American Museum of the Moving Image, plus a reprint of a Nyoka serial lobby card. Prowlers in the Night; Message from Nowhere, Part I: The Rayburns, Dead or Alive?; Message from Nowhere, Part II: The End of Nyoka!; Message from Nowhere, Part III: Strange Footprints!; Cliffhanger Update. 32 pages, B&W. Cover price $2.50.