Retro Comics # 5 : All-Hero Retro Comics

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RC#5 NEW TITLE!! Now called All Hero Retro Comics!! Dimension- hopping is this issue’s theme, starting out with a “new” retro character, Doctor Dimension!! Set in 1954, the Doctor is smack dab in the middle of a fight with the evil Queen Tygraa, and her cat warriors. Battle along side Doc Dimension, his young friend Chris Carter and guest star Yankee Girl in “Enter Doctor Dimension”. Written and drawn by Bill Black. Part of the second chapter, “Tygraa’s Revenge”, is reworked from a Commando Do story originally published in Paragon Publication’s Fun Comics #1. Then , Doc Dimension acts as narrator on a fantasy story that also deals with interdimensional border-hopping, “Beware The Gem World”, a late-’50’s Charlton story drawn by Steve Ditko. And finally-a story that has NOTHING to do with dimensional changing whatsoever: Magazine Enterprise’s great movie cowboy turned comics star, The Durango Kid in “The Law And The Mask”, reprinted from the mid-1950’s, drawn by Fred Guardineer.