Western Movie Hero #1


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WMH1 The magazine dedicated to showcasing the favorite movie cowboys of yesteryear in comic adventures and biographies. Johnny Mack Brown is the star feature this issue, with eight pages of text and photos from his movies, including a complete filmography, plus a full comic story reprint from an actual vintage issue of his Dell Comics run, titled “The Phantom Stage”.Then, three of Johnny’s best cowboy compadres guest star in comic book story reprints: Rocky Lane in “Gunning For Trouble”; Tex Ritter in “The Jaws of Terror”, and Tom Mix in “The Vanishing Skins”, all from Golden Age issues of their Fawcett Comics series. Plus, full-page photo studies of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, and one photo of Tom Mix. Color photo of Johnny Mack Brown and Phyllis Coates, interiors are black and white with graytones. 44 pages, printed in 2000.