Crypt Cough by Mark Heike

Crypt of Horror Volume 16 inside back coverIf anyone out there has a copy of CRYPT OF HORROR #16 on order at their local comic shop that has not come in yet, don’t despare- it’s on the way!! We just found out yesterday that there was a problem with COH 16 at the Diamond warehouse. Now, we shipped all preordered Diamond Distribution copies of COH 16 to them on time on January 14th, and at that point, we assumed everything was fine. According to UPS, all copies of the book arrived safely at the Diamond Olive Branch, Mississippi warehouse three days later. Unfortunately sometime after that, in some manner unknown to us  and responsible folks at Diamond, about 40% of the entire shipment was somehow lost or damaged while in Diamond’s hands. So while a little more than half of the copies ordered shipped to comic shops and are making their way into the hands of customers who ordered them, as of this moment, there are a lot of Cryptheads who will (in the near-term) be disappointed.  Diamond did make us aware of the situation within the last 24 hours and asked us to provide replacement copies for all the missing books, which we will be doing in the next 3-5 days. If you have Crypt of Horror Volume 16 on order at your comic Crypt of Horror Volume 16 coverstore, have no fear- it’s on it’s way, but it may be delayed a bit through no fault of ours. Providing all these additional copies to Diamond does severly cut into our own backstock on the issue, however. We currently have some left to sell individually on our web store, but those supplies may dry up much sooner than the average issue of COH, due to the Diamond double-dip. If you were planning to eventually buy the book from us online in the AC webstore, you may want to act fast, as our supply on them will now be radically depleted, and the book could become a total sell-out in a short time;  it may not be realistic to go back to press with it once it does.  So don’t say we didn’t warn you!!  And while we’re at it, we’ll remind all you Cryptheads that Volume 17 will be available within the next 30 days, and the big Quality Comics/Web of Horror special issue of Crypt of Horror- COH Volume 18- will be available for preorder in the April, 2013  Diamond Previews catalog of items shipping in June. Be sure to get your order in at your local comics dealer!!