Commando Cody Volume 2


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The wait is over!! Volume Two is FINALLY here!! One of the most-requested vintage serials we’ve ever offered, (AND the FIRST “new” serial release for is in 2013!!) this conclusion/companion volume to “Commando Cody: Sky Marshall of the Universe Volume 1 boasts SIX fantastic episodes of outer space action!! That high-flying rocket man COMMANDO CODY is back in action again in 6 supercharged Republic Pictures sci-fi thrillers!! Here Cody is in a fight to the finish with the evil alien known as “The Ruler” in this second volume of far-out adventures starring JUDD HOLDREN, ALINE TOWNE, RICHARD GRANT. GREGORY GAYE and LYLE TALBOT. Six sensational sagas titled: Robot Monsters of Mars, Hydrogen Hurricane, Solar Sky Raiders, S. O. S. Ice Age, Lost in Outer Space, and Captives of Zero Hour!! If you loved COMMANDO CODY Volume 1, this is a must-have follow-up . Extra feature: a sample episode from the vintage Brick Bradford serial !! Produced and directed by Franklin Adreon with Fred C. Bannon and Harry Keller. Originally released in 1955. Running time is approximately 180 minutes, in black and white. All-ages, regions-free video in NTSC format on two DVD-R discs with an interactive menu. Released on DVD by Fast Fusion Films in 2013.