Crypt of Horror Volume 27

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Crypt of Horror Volume 27 is now on sale!! The latest in our acclaimed anthology of rare 1950’s horror comic book reprints returns; this issue subtitled “Major Macabre”! Chock full of classic scare-stories originally published by Ajax/Farrell, Avon, Prize, St. John, Mikross and others, with stories including “The Stranger In Studio X”, “The Monster of the Storm”, “The Black Flame”, “The Trumpet of Doom”, “Monster of the Moors”, “The Abduction of Earth”, “The End of his Service”, “One More Chance”, “The Other Me”, “Frigid Fear”, “Death Is the Jury”, “Dying Is So Contageous”, “The Man In The Cell”, “The Little Black Box”, “Live For Reunion”, “Wheel Of Terror”, “The Shadows On the Screen”, “The Devil Collects”, “Freak”, “Hoofbeats of the Devil’s Horse”, “Gold Has No Conscience”, and “Someone Is In the Trunk”. Artists on these gems include Joe Simon and Jack Kirby; Bob Powell, Dick Ayers, Mort Meskin, Rocke Mastroserio, Norman Nodel, John Rosenberger, Goldfarb Baer, Gene Fawcette, Rafael Astarita. Robert Hayward Webb, Henry C.Kiefer and other greats. 140 pages of vintage comics monsters, mystery and mayhem in black and white, with a color cover by Mike Esposito. Standard comic book size, saddle-stiched, for $29.95.Released in 2015.


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