Crypt of Horror Volume 33

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Crypt of Horror Volume 33 is now available!! “Mid-’50’s Malevolent Madness” is the theme, played out in 24 full-story reprints straight out of the great horror comic books of the Pre-Code 1950’s, as published by long-defunct companies including Avon, Fiction House, Hillman, Standard and others. Stories include “The Man Who Fought The World”, drawn by Norman Nodel, from Strange Worlds #7; “Return Of The Pied Piper” with art by Jack Sparling and Vince Coletta; “The Curse Of The Crystal Ball”, illustrated by John Prentice; “The Lizard” by Al Williamson; “Ghost Squadron ” from Maurice Whitman; “Something Waits On The Mountain” by Bernie Krigstein; Bob Powell’s “Down To Earth”; “Priestess Of The Sphinx” drawn by Al Camy; “The Buried Curse”; “Scare At Sea” drawn by Bill Everett; “Someone Is Following Me” by Robert Q. Sale; “The Glory Hand”, delineated by Jon Blummer; “The Green Fog” from the team of Mike Sekowsky and Vince Coletta; another artistic team-effort, “The Hands of Horror”, by Richard Brice and Ken Bald; and yet a third two-party affair; “When The Spirit Walked” as produced by Bill Molno and Bill Fraccio; “Madman’s Manor” attributed to Charles Nicholas’ art-stylings; ” I’ll String Along”, a solo effort by Jack Sparling; John Forte’s “Time On My Hands”; “The Rift Of The Maggis” drawn by Howard Nostrand; A Ghost Gallery episode- “The Parting” -illustrated by Alex Blum; “Vampire Castle” by Dick Beck; “When Time Stood Still” from John Romita; “Hypnotist Of Death” (artist unkown); “Ghostly Destroyer” by Charles Nicholas, and “The Demon Of The Deep” by King Ward. A full 140 pages of high-definition black and white horror between full-color covers, standard comic book size and saddle-stitched for $29.95. Printed in 2017.


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