Faze 1 Fazers Sketchbook 1

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Background info, character profiles and developmental sketches from the world of Vic Bridges Faze One Fazers. Read about all the characters and locales (used and unused ) for the fascinating miniseries. You’ll meet Girl-bot, Dr Franklin Faze, Non-man, Springer, Sprint, Hydromatic, Carbonite, Adamant, Mighty Girl, Silver, Coral, Flyte, Speedster, Frost, Wave, Photon, Imposter, Blade, and Halftron; learn about Floid and the substance Floidium, and see pinups, rejected cover designs and new costumes galore. All from the prolific pen of ‘Fazers creator Vic Bridges. Color cover by Vic Bridges, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printerd in 1986.



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