Femforce 162 Nearing Completion by Mark Heike

Andre St. Amour page from FF 162We’re into the home stretch, now; just about 40 days from the release of our big 30Th birthday celebration book, FEMFORCE #162- and excitement around the office is at a fever pitch.  As we coordinate with our various creators around the globe, putting finishing touches on their stories for the issue, there’s a lot of reminiscing going on- but even MORE talk about the future. We’ve told a LOT of great stories over the last three decades, but there are still so many left yet to tell. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of pages you’ll find in FF #162. Check out the splash page on the MOST unlikely FF team-up story you could ever imagine- it has NIGHTVEIL and The BLUE BULLETEER fighting side-by-side ! That’s the brainchild of dynamic creator Andre St. Amour, who provides script, full art and letters on this soon-to-be-classic yarn. And how about the art on this page from the “Golden Years” story, from our star illustrative team of Rock Baker and Jeff Austin? Has SHE-CAT ever looked better? With a mix of creators that includes Bossman Bill Black and I, veteran FF talents like Baker, Austin, Erics’ Coile and  Johnson, and enthusiastic (relative) newcomers like the aforementioned Mr. St. Amour, Scott Shriver and Erik Matthews, we think there will be something to delight every FF fan to be found in this historic issue. And remember- if you haven’t  ALREADY ordered your copy at your local retailer, there is still time to place an advance reorder. Just tell you favorite shop owner you’d like to order FEMFORCE #163, DVD item # NOV120805, from the November, 2012 issue of Diamond Previews ; Volume 22 #290, and he’ll happily place your order.



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5 thoughts on “Femforce 162 Nearing Completion by Mark Heike
  1. Eric Johnson

    Nightveil / Blue Bulleteer team up? Great idea! Gonna love seeing what that ends up being like.

    And, good lord, that Rock Baker / Jeff Austin She-Cat… that’s just gorgeous. The Baker / Austin team produces wonderful results.

  2. Erik Matthews

    “Newcomer?” The first AC comic I bought was Americomics #3. And I walk with a cane! Now get off my lawn you damn kids!

  3. Mark G Heike

    In terms of creators, Erik. Your first published story was in FF #161. We KNOW you were a longtime reader, but to other FF readers, you’d be a new face as of last issue, wouldn’t you? We’ve got to try to hype where we can.