Golden Age Greats Spotlight 8 – Outrageous Good Girl Art Comics Shipping January 2012

Golden Age Greats Spotlight #8 –
Outrageous Good Girl Art Comics

Writer’s and Artist’s Names: Artists include Matt Baker, Frank Frazetta, Bill Ward, Bob Lubbers, Bob Powell, Jim Mooney, Dan DeCarlo, Ed Good, Ray Gotto and Jack Kamen.
Intended Audience: Fans and collectors of pin-up style “good girl art” and glamour material of all eras. Suggested for a mature audience, as some brief nudity and/or adult situations may be inferred.
Format: Standard comic book size; saddle-stitched, ULTRA-THICK 150 pages, black & white interiors with color covers.
Retail Price: $29.95
Synopsis: Reprinting THE wildest “good girl art” comics of all time! Glamour and gorgeous pulchritude are celebrated with RULAH, TORCHY, MITZI In HOLLYWOOD, PUSSYCAT, DAGAR, SOUTH SEA GIRL, OZARK IKE, JAGUAR BOND, SKY GIRL, LONG SAM, PHANTOM LADY, Katy Of The Chorus and more, as rendered by Frazetta, Baker, Powell, Ward, Mooney, Kamen and others!!
Special Notes: Comics focusing on sexy girls have always been a solid seller; no one knows that better than those of us at AC Comics. This issue of GAG Spotlight widens the scope to look at the phenomenon of “good girl art” glamour comics material that is a little more far-ranging. From the classic “Seduction of The Innocent” exhibits of Fox Features PHANTOM LADY, DAGAR and RULAH “headlights” heroines, through the goofball humor of “cheesecake” strips like SKY GIRL and MITZI in HOLLYWOOD, to comic book adaptations of newspaper strips whose appeal sprung from their pretty girl characters like OZARK IKE and LONG SAM- they’re all here in full-story, high quality reprintings. Beyond that, this volume will offer GGA comic book material that appeared in slick magazines, like PUSSYCAT, and the seldom-seen JAGUAR BOND. Three decades’ worth of beautiful women drawn by some of the greatest glamour artists of all time- much of it never before reprinted anywhere at any time. A “good girl art” extravaganza!!


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3 thoughts on “Golden Age Greats Spotlight 8 – Outrageous Good Girl Art Comics Shipping January 2012
  1. jim johnston

    Question-Was “Jaguar Bond “the name of a magazine or the name of the”signature”character,who was the “mascot”of the Jaguar magazine (like the bunny and the “fem-lin are for Playboy) and who also (I believe) appeared in a comic strip printed in that same magazine?