Power Run Amok by Fred Wong

After a long hiatus, Colt was glad to be back with FemForce again. Following years of working solo for the majority of her career and after briefly serving as the team’s leader, Colt finally realized that there was a certain quality of being on this team that she missed when she left all those months ago.

Loading up a fresh cache of ammunition, Colt warmed up her motorcycle to do a routine patrol and cruise around the area. Unknown to her, overhead several dozen feet was a small camera probe that was following her every move after she left headquarters.

“Well, there she is. Our first test subject,” commented Greg as he observed the monitor screen. “Colt, the Weapons Mistress, according to this file I found from hacking into the Pentagon’s information database.”

“Hmmm…not bad. She’ll do for a start,” added Peter as he propped his feet up on the computer console. “Who do you think can take her? Any bets?”

“How about Dreamslayer? He’s big, nasty, mean, and oozing with power,” suggested Bobby before taking a bite into some pizza.

“No way, that’s overkill!” interrupted Greg. “How about a villain WITHOUT supernatural powers?”

“Okay, okay, okay…how about Professor Gizmo? Colt’s got weapons, he’s got weapons, fair enough?” said Peter.

“Yeah, Gizmo! Gizmo! Gizmo!” cheered Bobby.

“Professor Gizmo it is!” said Greg and he typed in the commands into the keyboard, hacking into the master control system of Dr. Jimenez’s time and dimensional travel device as it remains locked away and under heavy guard in a secret location at a government research facility. The massive time triangle device momentarily activated to release a stream of energy before deactivating, avoiding detection by any monitoring sensors.

“Here we go…” said Greg excitedly.

* * *

“HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!” cried out a man’s voice from an old, deserted building.

“Who could that be? A homeless guy?” thought Colt as she pulled her motorcycle over and cautiously entered the old building.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” called out Colt. “I’m here to help.”

Colt by Marat MychaelsWithout warning, a laser beam darted by Colt as she dodged the small burst of energy that knocked off her hat. In a flash Colt drew her machine pistol and automatic pistol, ready for anything.

“Who’s there? Show yourself,” ordered Colt. “You can either make this easy, or make this hard. Your choice.”

“Hello, little Colt, it’s nice to see you,” said the evil Professor Gizmo as he emerged from the shadows holding a remote control box. “Say hello to Mr. Chuckles!”

“CRUSH….KILL….DESTROY!!!!” resonated the 7 foot tall robot known as Mr. Chuckles as it thundered down the old room and delivered a body block into Colt before she could open fire, knocking her clear out of the building through an old boarded up window.

Colt quickly got up and opened fire with her automatic pistol and machine pistol! The bullets fell harmlessly to the ground after impacting Mr. Chuckles’ chassis.

“Surprised?” said Professor Gizmo. “Mr. Chuckles is protected by a special magnetic field that renders your armor piercing bullets useless.”

Colt aimed her pistol at Professor Gizmo’s remote control device, firing one shot that blasted it into pieces on impact. Without the device to feed Mr. Chuckles energy and guidance, the once fearsome robot slumped down and deactivated like a hump of hi-tech refuse.

Colt re-entered the old building, with her pistol pointed squarely at Professor Gizmo.

“I’m not going to ask you again,” said Colt sternly. Before Colt could do anything else, Professor Gizmo disappeared in a flash of light, along with his robot.

“What on earth?” thought Colt as she put her weapons back in their holsters and recovered her hat. Colt cautiously searched the immediate area, finding nothing as she returned to her cycle to call in a report.

* * *

mmcolt“Man, Professor Gizmo STINKS!” cursed Bobby as he observed the fight from the monitor screen. “I told you we should’ve gotten Dreamslayer.”

“Relax, Bobby,” replied Greg. “It’s still early; who do you want next? And no, you cannot pick Dreamslayer.”

“Fine,” muttered Bobby as he pouted. “How about Omegakhron…no wait, how about Candyman?”

“Why not both?” suggested Peter.

“I like how this guy thinks,” said Greg as he again hacked into the research facility’s computer systems to access Dr. Jimenez’s time and dimensional device to summon the villains of their choice, teleporting them from wherever they are to the present time.

* * *

“That’s all I know, Nightveil,” said Colt as she finished out her status report to headquarters.

“I’ll be at your location shortly to help check things out,” replied Nightveil. “The last time villains were popping in and out in teleportation vortexes, the Black Shroud was involved. I’ll try to raise Tara for some backup, too.”

“Roger. I’ll be standing by,” replied Colt as she reloaded her weapons. As Colt finished putting fresh ammunition magazines in, a fragrant aroma filled the air, a stark contrast to the smell of old wood, brick, and garbage in that dilapidated part of town.

Colt turned around and saw none other than the deranged robot creation of her nemesis Professor Montague Moon: Candyman. The insane Candyman robot standing before her with its bright pink and white metallic chassis and red laced armor enhancements, a crazed metallic version of the Gingerbread man from fairy tales.

“Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee…” giggled Candyman as it fired a volley of globs of sticky pink bubble gum at Colt. Colt immediately dodged out of the way behind an old car parked nearby as the pink orbs struck her motorcycle, covering it with a pink, rubbery glop.

Colt gritted her teeth in frustration, having just cleaned her motorcycle that morning, as she sprang on the other side of the car and opened fire with her machine pistol, shooting apart Candyman’s knees with four well placed bursts of armor piercing bullets. The robot collapsed on its back and floundered like a disoriented turtle as Colt cautiously walked over to it.

“Who’s behind this? Professor Moon? Is he working with Professor Gizmo now?” questioned Colt. “ANSWER ME!”

Candyman then disappeared before Colt’s eyes when suddenly a giant net landed on top of her, entangling her as she fell onto the ground. Colt looked up and saw a heavily armored man in technological armor descending down towards her: Omegakhron, a super powered mercenary even more powerful than Battlezone.

“Target neutralized,” said Omegakhron.

“Think again,” replied Colt as she crawled out of the net and opened fire with her pistol and machine pistol, as a hail of bullets struck Omegakhron squarely in the chest.

“Damage, minimal. Countermeasures initiated.” responded Omegakhron as he fired a series of laser blasts at Colt. Colt dodged behind an old brick wall as lasers riddled against it before she returned fire with another massive barrage, with the bullets inflicting negligible damage. Omegakhron fired another volley of lasers, slowly reducing the brick wall she was hiding behind for cover to dust.

“I’m way outgunned,” thought Colt as she quickly reloaded her pistol with a magazine of high-explosive rounds. “Here goes everything…”

Colt swung around the side and opened fire, with the first three bullets striking Omegakhron squarely in the chest as sparks and small explosions erupted on his metallic chassis, visibly damaging the seemingly impregnable defense. Colt fired the remaining three bullets in the magazine at Omegakhron’s weapon systems, blowing apart his laser blaster.

“No more Mister Nice Guy,” said Omegakhron as he lunged at Colt knocking her across the street as she slammed against the wall. Omegakhron picked up her pistol and machine gun pistol, crushing it as he followed up with another hard punch, knocking the wind out her.

“Effort was worthy, but your resistance proved futile,” replied Omegakhron. “Victory is mine.”

“GET AWAY FROM HER!” yelled Nightveil as she fired a magic blast at Omegakhron, shattering a sizeable chunk of the back of his armor. Sparks flew as Nightveil caught him off guard and off balance. Nightveil released a rapid barrage of magic blasts that overloaded his defenses, forcing him away from Colt. The blasts pinned him against a wall as he held his arms in front of his face in a desperate attempt to deflect them.

“Now, for the finishing touch…” said Nightveil as she cast a final spell, teleporting Omegakhron out of his armor to the outside. Omegakhron’s eyes opened wide with shock as he appeared on the city street in his regular clothes and no longer piloting his formidable armor suit.

“Now, let’s start with the beginning,” stated Nightveil when in a flash Omegakhron and Candyman both disappeared, as if plucked out of reality and vanishing away.

“What the…?” blurted out Nightveil as she helped up Colt. Nightveil walked Colt back to Colt’s motorcycle, finding it covered in slimy, pink bubblegum. “Are you okay?”

“A couple nasty bruises and a few small cuts; not bad,” replied Colt as she peeled away some of the bubble gum glop to access her first aid kit. Colt applied some antiseptic spray and Band-Aids to her wounds. “Thanks for backing me up.”

“No problem. This is strange; I’m not detecting any residual magic here…however they came and went, it wasn’t from magic,” said Nightveil as she completed a mystic scan of the immediate area.

“No non-supernatural villain we’ve encountered can teleport like that,” said Colt as she opened her compartment to retrieve her spare machine pistol. “A new enemy, perhaps?”

“I’m not sure,” said Nightveil. “Tara’s on her way over in the jump ship, and maybe we’ll get some more insight from the equipment we have on board.”

“How long will it take?” asked Colt.

“About twenty minutes, I think,” responded Nightveil.

Colt subtlely gestured to her bubblegum covered motorcycle as she said, “Think you can do something about that?”

“Done.” replied Nightveil with a smile as she cast a spell to dissolve the bubblegum substance.

* * *

Meanwhile, Greg, Peter, and Bobby watched in disappointment as two more villains they summoned from hacking into Dr. Jimenez’s time and dimensional travel device were beaten soundly, forcing them to pluck and send them back where they came from initially.

“Those guys STUNK!” muttered Bobby. “Nightveil’s there, NOW can we bring in Dreamslayer?”

“I’m inclined to agree,” added Peter. “It would be kind of neat to see Dreamslayer go at it against the two of them at once.”

“Fine, fine. Let’s do it,” agreed Greg finally as he inputted the commands, transporting Dreamslayer into the deserted city street where Nightveil and Colt awaited the arrival of Tara.

Back at the city street Nightveil momentarily grew dizzy.

“Nightveil, what’s wrong?” asked Colt.

“Something weird just happened to me,” said Nightveil as she regained her composure. “Like someone just walked on my grave or something…”

Colt and Nightveil caught wind of the smell of burnt brimstone as they both turned around, seeing down the street the supernatural overlord known as Dreamslayer, a hideous melding of super science and sorcery as he hovered before them in golden colored cybernetic armor and coruscating energy where a face would be. Dreamslayer crackled with scarlet energy emanating from him like an unholy aura of dark powers.

“Dreamslayer…” gasped Nightveil.

“Who?” muttered Colt as she drew her weapons.

“The Green Lama and Dr. Weir told me about him; a supernatural force of destruction they banished years ago…” explained Nightveil, visibly concerned.

“I see raw power stirring within you, little one,” said Dreamslayer with an evil grin as he gazed straight at Nightveil. “Your Cloak of Darkness would be a great addition to my dominion.”

“Not going to happen, bucko,” barked Colt as she opened fire with a burst of armor piercing bullets that bounced harmless off of Dreamslayer’s cybernetic armor.

“Amusing,” said Dreamslayer. “For your attempt at humor, I shall give you the serene peace of oblivion…”

The wind picked up and the sky turned a blood red as Dreamslayer released a deadly stream of scarlet lightning at Colt. Nightveil summoned forth a mystic shield that surrounded them both as the bolt struck. The force of the blast knocked Nightveil back a couple of feet, as the mystic shield flickered, diminishing in power.

“Get more backup, I’ll hold him off,” ordered Nightveil as she fired a blast of magic energy at Dreamslayer that impacted him, having minimal effect.

“Child, your magic is so elementary to me,” replied Dreamslayer wickedly. “You do not need the Cloak of Darkness. Give it to me and I will spare your life.”

“Fat chance, fat head!” said Nightveil defiantly as she cast another spell, entangling Dreamslayer in a whirlwind of magical energy chains to pin him down as she rained shards of mystic energy onto him.

“Tara, this is Colt,” said Colt on her communicator. “We got a situation here. Radio Stardust, Rayda, and Ms. Victory…we’re going to need some more firepower on this one.”

“You got it,” said Tara.

“BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” roared Dreamslayer as he broke free of the mystic energy chains and slowly advanced towards Nightveil as she took to the air. Dreamslayer hurtled another scarlet lightning bolt at Nightveil as she reactivated her defenses. Nightveil’s mystic shield barely held, as she continued casting every spell she knew at Dreamslayer with minimal effect on slowing him down. Colt opened fire again with her high explosive bullets, again having no effect.

“How’d they defeat him the first time?” yelled Colt as she fired again, seeing the bullets bounce harmlessly off.

“They didn’t…! They barely teleported him back to the netherworld!” answered Nightveil as she weathered another devastating blast from Dreamslayer. “I don’t remember them saying anything about him having power armor, either!”

“Can’t you whip another spell to do the same?!” said Colt.

“It’s not that simple…it takes time to create a spell powerful enough to move such an unwilling entity from one dimension to another!” replied Nightveil as she dodged another lightning bolt.

“Swell…” muttered Colt as she reloaded.

“Enough,” replied Dreamslayer as he cast a spell of his own! Two giant demon hands sprang out from the road surface and grabbed Colt and Nightveil, holding them tight in their grasp.

“ARRRRGHHHH!!!!” screamed Colt.

“CAN’T….BREATHE!” gasped Nightveil as the hand squeezed the air out of her, making it easy for Dreamslayer to cast a final spell on Nightveil. Heavily drained mentally from Dreamslayer’s onslaught, Nightveil quickly succumbed to his sleep spell as she slumped out cold in the demon hand’s grip.

“Bravo…bravo…” said a woman’s voice from the distance.

“Show yourself,” ordered Dreamslayer as, from the shadows, Nightveil’s longtime nemesis, Alizarin Crimson, emerged.

“And you are?” said Dreamslayer.

“Alizarin Crimson, great one,” said Alizarin Crimson.

* * *

“NO WAY! NO WAY!!!!” cheered Bobby as he watched the giant monitor screen. “WHERE’D SHE COME FROM?”

“I don’t know,” said Greg. “I didn’t summon here.”

“Who cares? She’s there now, this is getting even better!” said Peter.

* * *

“I can read your thoughts; they are an open book to me,” stated Dreamslayer. “You want the Cloak of Darkness for yourself, and seek to trick me into giving it to you. I will not.”

“Very well, then,” threatened Alizarin Crimson. “I will take what you will not give.”

Alizarin Crimson summoned her arcane magic and released a massive bolt of magical energy that struck Dreamslayer directly as a small explosion erupted blasting dirt and broken macadam into the air. As the cloud of dust and burnt carbon cleared Dreamslayer remained hovering, unfazed from one of Alizarin Crimson’s most powerful attacks.

“It…it cannot be!” said Alizarin Crimson in disbelief.

“It can. It will,” replied Dreamslayer as he unleashed a flurry of ebony black energy blasts that pummeled Alizarin Crimson. Her magic force field only lasted mere seconds as she was soon brought to her knees from him.

“What…are…you?” said Alizarin Crimson weakly.

“I am power incarnate, I am Dreamslayer…” said Dreamslayer.

* * *

“OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! DID YOU SEE THAT???” yelled Bobby. “Dreamslayer took down Colt, Nightveil, AND Alizarin Crimson!!! That is just SO cool!”

“Grandpa Brady wasn’t kidding when he told us that Dreamslayer’s the most powerful villain that ever walked the Earth!” said Peter. “But I think we’d better send him back.”

“Bobby?” asked Greg.

“Actually, yeah, Peter’s right,” agreed Bobby reluctantly. “He’s gonna blow up the world at this rate!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll send him back,” said Greg as he typed in the commands. Moments later and as unexpectedly as he arrived, Dreamslayer was gone! With him gone, the spells he cast dissipated as the giant demonic hands disappeared, releasing Colt and Nightveil from its grip.

Alizarin Crimson recovered as well, deciding that discretion was the better part of valor as she quickly activated a teleportation spell to slip away.

“Another time, Nightveil…another time…” said Alizarin Crimson as she disappeared.

“WHAT is going on here?” said a frustrated Colt. “One second we’re on our way to buying the farm from Dreamslayer and now he’s gone? What gives???”

“I have no idea…” said Nightveil as she got up and began dusting herself off. “Where’s Tara?”

* * *

“That was just so cool, Greg!” exclaimed Peter. “Who do we summon next? Chromo? Killer Clown? Professor Moon? Valkyra?”

“Does it matter? The sky’s the limit!” said Greg.

“Ahem,” said a voice behind them. Greg, Peter, and Bobby turned around, finding Tara, Rayda, and Ms. Victory standing behind them.

“Uh-oh……” muttered Greg, Peter, and Bobby.

* * *

It didn’t take long for Ms. Victory, Tara, and Rayda to dismantle Greg, Peter, and Bobby’s computers and take them into custody, turning in their hardware for study since they were able to access a top secret location and its assets through a remote location. Back at FemForce Headquarters, Ms. Victory debriefed everyone on the day’s unusual events.

“You mean to tell me that whole mess in that old industrial park in town was concocted by three zit-faced teenage fanboys????” said She-Cat.

“I’m afraid so,” said Ms. Victory.

“How’d you track them?” asked Colt.

“It was easy,” explained Tara. “When I was flying towards you in the jump ship I was picking up these unusual energy signatures from this residential area immediately followed by some type of distortion where you were. Since you and Nightveil were dealing with what was coming out of that distortion, I radioed Ms. Victory and Rayda and we triangulated the energy residue to where they were; like tracing a phone call.”

“@**@^%$$ punks…” cursed She-Cat quietly.

“Punks or not, those three were able to hack into a heavily guarded installation and use one of the most powerful inventions on the planet,” stated Nightveil. “And summon one of the most fearsome entities ever known.”

“Maybe we ought to give them a job and put them on the payroll,” suggested Colt sarcastically. “We can take it out of General Gordon’s salary.”

Everyone laughed.

The End



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