Best of The West 26

Price: Sold Out



THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!The Lazo Kid comes to BOTW this issue, as he stops frontier train robbers in “Outlaw Trail!”, as rendered by longtime Jack Kirby associate, Marvin Stein. That colorful modern-day Westerner, The Lemonade Kid is back, and artist Bob Powell puts him in a boxing ring to face “The Terrible Three!” Powell also supplies art on “The Winged Men”, as Cheyenne warrior Red Hawk meets Vikings in the Old West. The Haunted Horseman reins in as “Death Raced The Wagon Train!”, drawn by Dick Ayers, and Tim Holt in his Redmask guise battles Mexican banditos in “Tyrant San Thomas!” Last but not least, illustator Fred Guardineer sends the Durango Kid back to school in “Readin’, ‘Ritin’, Rustlin’!” You’ll have to clean the dust off your saddlebags after reading this issue. Classic, full story reprints originally published by Magazine Enterprises, and Prize Comics.


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