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Femforce 175

  Price: $9.95 The historic 175Th issue of FEMFORCE is now available!! This awesome milestone event opens with the conclusion to last issue’s ZAZURRA storyline, as the staggering stone giantess’ saga takes a number of suprising twists. Two characters dating back to FEMFORCE Special #1 fall in pitched battle- and just HOW does the enigmatic […]

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Femforce 174

  Price: $9.95 Femforce #174 is now available! Old and new friends abound in this 80-page blockbuster (as are ALL issues of FF these days) chronicling the adventures of comicdom’s first (and best) all-female super-team. Inside a dramatic Dell Barras cover, it starts off right away with the 31-page lead story “Rock Aria”. In the […]

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Femforce 173

Price: $9.95 Femforce #173 is now available!! The long-delayed wedding of former government liason to the FF, ROBERTA STROCK is the event of focus for this issues’ lead feature, and Ms. VICTORY, SYNN, SHE-CAT, TARA and STARDUST are on the guest list. But as usually occurs in the AC Universe, things DON’T work out the […]

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Femforce 172

Price: $100.00 LAST COPY IN STOCK!!! While Joan (Ms. VICTORY) Wayne-Starrett and her husband PARAGON enjoy a rare day off, an old associate manipulate her daughter Jennifer (better known as RAD) into a new and dangerous phase of her life. The rewards could be great- and the RISKS even GREATER, in “Same As It Ever […]

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Femforce 171

Price: $9.95 Femforce #171 is now available!! WHO is the mysterious menace known as BLOOD MOON- and what strange hold does he have over Ms. Victory? The answer to BOTH questions will suprise you in “Evil At Center Stage” written by Chad Halcom, with art by Francesco Savi. The saga of NIGHTVEIL’s sojourn continues as […]

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Femforce 170 SOLD OUT!!

Price: $0.00 THIS BOOK IS  A COMPLETE SELL-OUT! IT IS NOW UNAVAILABLEAT ANY PRICE!! The time-displaced villainess WAMPYR has now shown her true colors after years of behind-the-scenes machinations, and the FF are there to face-off with her in California. But with the FF’s mystic mistress NIGHTVEIL off, dimensions away on Dhagor; how can Ms. […]

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Femforce 169

  Price: $9.95   FEMFORCE #169 IS NOW AVAILABLE!! The FF’s West Coast investigation into CenturyCorp seems stalled until CIANOSE DJABS’ secret ZOMBIE ARMY runs amuck!! Luckily, Ms. VICTORY, SYNN, TARA. SHE-CAT and STARDUST are on the scene to hold back the undead onslaught. But what of the personal agenda of UMBRA and her sister. […]

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Femforce 168 standard cover art

Femforce 168

Price: $9.95   Femforce #168 is NOW AVAILABLE!! Those gorgeous lady defenders of justice get pulled into the dastardly double-cross plan of time-tossed voodoo master CIANOSE DJAB, and MS. VICTORY, SYNN, SHE-CAT TARA and DUSTY must fight for their lives against a zombie hoard on the streets of Los Angeles. See Ms. V and the […]

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Femforce 167 standard cover art

Femforce 167

Price: $9.95   FEMFORCE #167 IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! The long-absent NIGHTVEIL returns to the team, just long enough to reveal a new crisis- the disappearance of her Cloak of Darkness-before vanishing again herself, in a story titled “Roundabout”, written by Mark Heike, penciled by newcomer Jim Sullivan, with finished inking by Scott Shriver. The other […]

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Femforce 166 cover art

Femforce 166

Price: $9.95   Femforce #166 is now available!! A simple trip to feed NIGHTVEIL’s cat turns into an extradimemsional battle for SYNN when a trap set for one heroine actually nets the other, in “Cat And Mouse”, featuring the return of the villainous VIVARNA!! Then, the story you thought you’d NEVER see- “She-Cat Goes To […]

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Femforce 165 John Nadeau Stormy Tempest alternate cover art

Femforce #165

Price: $25.00   FEMFORCE #165 is NOW AVAILABLE!! The FEMFORCE rarely deals in “all-out action issues”, but this edition of our long-running FF series heads in that direction, as one-time FF member, sometimes- villainess and daughter of team leader MS. VICTOR, RAD finds herself accidentally pulled into the long-running WAMPYR/CIANOSE DJAB storyline while trying to […]

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Femforce 164 cover art

Femforce 164

Price: $0.00 THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!! The FEMFORCE have faced many threats over the past two decades, and perhaps the most difficult to vanquish are those who attempt to play out their maleavalence within the boundaries of the law- and this issue, the FF (In the form of MS. […]

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Femforce 163 cover art

Femforce 163

Price: $0.00   THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! The latest issue of comicdom’s premiere superheroine group book is here, chock full of new stories!! As the FF basks in the glow of happiness from last issues’ reunion between NIGHTVEIL and her long-lost love, The BLACK COMMANDO; evil machinations are afoot […]

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Femforce 162 cover art by Brad Gorby

Femforce 162

Price: $9.95   SPECTACULAR PAINTED COVER BY BRAD GORBY!! It’s here- the big 30Th Birthday of AC Comics’ issue of FEMFORCE; FF #162!! And we’re celebrating with exactly what our readers love the best- wall-to-wall story and art starring AC’s classic “good girls” and their extended cast of supporting characters!! To start the book, AC […]

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Femforce 161

Price: $9.95     Things have been too quiet for the FEMFORCE for too long. Why, it’s been SO long between threats to the world as we know it, that the team members have been able to take some time off. But the holiday is over, and now it’s time to get back to work. […]

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Femforce #160 Eduardo Barreto cover aret

Femforce 160

Price: $9.95     Solo adventures are the order of the day in the latest big, 80-page issue of FEMFORCE; #160. In a period of rare calm between universe-shattering emergencies, the various members of the FF are following their own interests and fending for themselves- in this era and others!! In the present, SHE-CAT heads […]

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Femforce 159

Price: $9.95     A supernatural malevolence looms over the FEMFORCE, so when word of strange goings-on in a French castle reaches the FF, Nightveil urges the team to investigate. It’s not the threat NV fears, but Gallic ghosts and continental criminals team up to give Ms. VICTORY, NIGHTVEIL, TARA and SHE-CAT all they can […]

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Bizarre Thrils Paragon Pubs Story cover art

Bizarre Thrills: The Paragon Publications Story Vol. 1

Price: $100.00   LAST THREE COPIES AVAILABLE!! This is it- the “non-AC” book that AC Comics fans have been waiting almost three decades for !! If you read & enjoy AC Comics, you’ll want to have this book to understand where it all comes from. In an era before the independent, direct-sales comic book distribution system […]

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Femforce 158 cover art

Femforce 158 LAST COPY LEFT!!

Price: $100.00     ONLY ONE COPY LEFT IN STOCK!! Bigger and better than ever, this issue features 87 PAGES OF ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN story and art!! Beyond John Nadeau’s breathtaking digitally-painted cover, you’ll read the stunning conclusion to the long-running “Living In Synn” storyline, in a 24-page lead feature written by Mark Heike, with art […]

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Femforce 157

  Price: $9.95     Another superb cover by Will Meugniot!! With Synn’s reality-warping powers seemingly out of control, the FEMFORCE have taken her to The Colorado Project for a medical intervention. But it’s not always wise to leave your health in the hands of a doctor who comes from another planet, with a couple […]

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Femforce 156

  Price: $9.95     Perhaps THE most-awaited issue of FEMFORCE in years!! NOW it can be told- the true events that led to SYNN’S exile into the Limbo Void decades ago. As NIGHTVEIL frets over SYNN’S spiralling-out-of-control powers, she thinks back to similar circumstances early in SYNN’S FF career, and we finally learn the […]

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Femforce 155 cover art

Femforce 155

  Price: $9.95     This issue,you’ll learn strange new facts relating to Synn’s ever-increasing loss of control, and what the FF may have to do about it, in a story titled “Illusions In G-Major” (guest-starring PARAGON), with script & art by Mark & Stephanie Heike. Then, find out what CAT-MAN and KITTEN did for […]

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Femforce 154 cover art

Femforce 154

  Price: $9.95     Will SYNN have to be permanently banished or will STARDUST’s risky solution be the answer? And where do PARAGON’s “imaginary monsters” fit in? As TARA is called to Jungle Island and NIGHTVEIL and MS. VICTORY face danger fighting solo in this issue’s 4-chapter lead story. Fan-favorite artist BRAD GORBY returns!! […]

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Femforce 153 cover art

Femforce 153

  Price: $9.95     The secret mission of the mysterious Calavera is finally revealed, and an awesome new villainess is unveiled to battle MS. VICTORY and SHE-CAT in the 5-chapter FEMFORCE action/mystery novelette “Illusions”, written by Mark G. Heike & Enrico Teodorani, with art by Jeff Austin, Scott Larson, Antonio Gerardo Ceglia, Giacomo Pilato […]

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Femforce 152 cover art

Femforce 152

  Price: $9.95     ANOTHER blockbuster 84-page issue of all-new stories, art and surprises!! First off, a simple trip to the grocery store turns into an all-out brawl between Ms. VICTORY and SHE-CAT when the leader of the FF learns the truth about ‘Cat’s newest conquest. SYNN tries to be the peacemaker, but when […]

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Femforce 151

  Price: $9.95     ANOTHER blockbuster 84-page issue of all-new stories, art and surprises!! First off, a simple trip to the grocery store turns into an all-out brawl between Ms. VICTORY and SHE-CAT when the leader of the FF learns the truth about ‘Cat’s newest conquest. SYNN tries to be the peacemaker, but when […]

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Gargantarama 20 cover

Gargantarama-The Comic Book 20

Price: $9.95     Cover feature DINOSAUR GIRL faces off with an Asian giantess determined to swing World War II in favor of the Axis by controlling the Pacific Theater. If she can prevail against DG, there well may be more titanic distaff terrors created from the “Blood Of The Giantess”; a 17-page battle royal […]

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Gargantarama-The Comic Book #19 cover art

Gargantarama- The Comic Book 19

Price: $9.95     Check out GARGANTARAMA- THE COMIC BOOK #19!! Beyond a great GTS cover drawn by Stephanie and Mark Heike, you’ll find a double-length DINOSAUR GIRL episode wherin DinoGirl battles her own doppleganger in “Mirror Image”, written & drawn by Rock Baker, with inks by Mark Heike, followed by the return of the […]

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Gargantarama-The Comic Book 18 cover art

Gargantarama-The Comic Book 18

Price: $9.95       In this big issue of Gargantarama- The Comic Book, DINOSAUR GIRL stars in a double-length WWII blockbuster, “The Last Giantess”, which introduces a “new” retro all-girl team The War Birds!! Written & drawn by Rock Baker, with ink finishes by Jeff Austin. ROWENA’S naive cousin is in the spotlight this […]

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Gargantarama- The Comic Book 17

Price: $9.95     This issue, ALI BASTUR and her 40 FT brings back more wild fantasy, the “gentle giantess” ROWENA returns in another wacky adventure, and a double-length DINOSAUR GIRL story takes us back to the war-torn Pacific Theatre of 1943. Flip the book over, turn it around and get even MORE great comics […]

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Gargantarama -The Comic Book #16 cover art

Gargantarama-The Comic Book 16

Price: $9.95   [button] “ >[/button] [button]Button[/button] Inside a familiar-looking cover, you’ll find the best in way-out GTS action, starting with the conlusion of the latest adventure of ROWENA, the gentle giantess of the middle ages, as she reaches the climax of her pitched battle versus Dagmar the fire-breathing dragon AND her evil stepsister Melina. […]

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Gargantarama- The Comic Book 15

Price: $9.95     ANOTHER blockbuster 84-page issue of all-new stories, art and surprises!! Issue # 15 leads off with a return-engagement with Eric Johnson’s professional GTS heroine Fantasia, in 1-900-Giantess: Service Outage. When a hostage situation erupts in a no-service area for Fantasia’s cell-phone, she must get creative with the locals to conjure up […]

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Gargantarama- The Comic Bokk 14 cover art

Gargantarama- The Comic Book 14

Price: $9.95       Cover painting by Scott Larson!! Everybody’s clamoring for the return of the alien bad girl giantess, so here it is- the “Return of Queen Drusilla”; story by Eric Johnson, pencils by Outrageous Jeff Osgood and inks by Jumpin’ Jeff Austin. Then, it’s the start of a whole new story arc for […]

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Femzine 3

Price: $9.95     It’s outrageous contemporary “good girl art” and GTS action by the master, artist/wrter Bill Black, in a four- act two-dimensional play featuring girls, girls and more girls!! Continuing on from Femzine #2, it’s “Where Giant Tromp”, starring Yankee Girl, Fighting Yank, Starr Spangle Fanny Phantom, giant villainess Titanica, The Colossal Cossacks, […]

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Femzine 2

Price: $9.95     Hold onto your hats, guys; as Fanny Phantom bursts onto the scene. This former exotic dancer has been done over as a costumed crimefighter by the sorceress Morgan LeFey. After being transformed into a 70 fiit tall giantess, she is captured by the evil Panda who uses her body as a […]

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Nightveil Ring

Price: $10.00     Nightveil Ring Get the mystical sorceress on this cloisonne ring produced by Great American Ring Co. 1993

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Synn Ring

Price: $10.00     Synn Ring Get the groovy psychedelic Synn on this cloisonne ring produced by Great American Ring Co. 1993

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Femforce : Rarities Graphic Novel- SOLD OUT!!

Price:  $0.00   THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND COMPLETELY UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!  Many of the most interesting and important occurances in the continuity of AC Comics long-running FEMFORCE series never happened in the regular FEMFORCE comic book at all, but in various other AC support titles, specials and one-shots. In almost all cases, […]

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Bad Girl Backlash

Price: $2.50     Goofy parody of the “Bad Girl” trend market featuring pin-ups by female artists. 7 page framing story written by Rebekah Black, pencilled by Stephanie Sanderson, inks by Leah Adezio, Bill Black, Mark Heike and Stephanie Sanderson

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Sentinels of Justice 5

Price: $4.00     FULL COLOR!!! A Femforce crossover issue. Distraut with the thought that he may be nothing more than a Kronon-created pawn, Captain Paragon leaves the Earth to sort out his emotions. Back from an adventure with The Femforce, Nightveil returns to Latimer Labs just in time to mystically cure Stardust, and discover […]

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Synnwatch 1

Price: $4.95     AC Comics experiment in a general-intererst magazine covering movies, comics, books, music, radio & TV; articles include coverage of Peter Fonda indy film, “Ulee’s Gold”; interview/phots of Forrest J. Ackerman at the Ackermansion; overview of great radio show, “Quiet, Please”, giantess fantasy photos of model/actress Sharon(Synn)Blair; comic section starring Femforce members […]

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Big Uns : Giant Women On The Rampage 2

Price: $9.95     Yes, it’s finally here- the SECOND great issue of the top GTS comic book anthology of all time!! Beautiful, glamorous, dominant, exotic ans savage, you’ll find giant, marauding women of all types here, in spectacular economy-sized action!! Back from the historic first issue of this ground-breaking title, you’ll see Queen Drusilla; […]

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Big Uns : Giant Women on the Rampage 1

Price: $100.00     ONLY A PRECIOUS FEW COPIES LEFT OF THIS GROUNDBREAKING GTS ANTHOLOGY!!Color painted cover by Brad Gorby- 40+ pages, black ans white, 7″ X 81/4″ This book was created to satisfy the snowballing fascination with giant-sized women, and we’ve got ’em wall-to-wall with 5- COUNT ‘EM-5 super-economy sized females-each one bigger and […]

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Wild Women 1

Price: $100.00     ONLY ONE LEFT!! Text & photos on Ingrid Pitt, of Mammer Films’ “The Vampire Lovers”; Irish McCalla; beach Babes; Anita Ekberg giantess photos from Fellini’s “Boccaccio ’70” film. Comic book stories include “Bloodlines”, rare Captain Paragon vampire tale (story & art by Bill Black), reworked Golden Age Rulah jungle girl story, […]

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Jungle Girls 10

Price: $2.00     New lead story!! The Femforce’s present-day giant woman jungle babe, Tara Fremont stars , as alien women scheme to kidnap her for competition in a galactic sporting event- until they find out she can grow into a giantess!! This untitled story is written by Bill Black, and drawn by Victor(Freak Force)Bridges. […]

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Jungle Girls 4

Price: $0.00     THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!”Too Tall” Tara debuts, as our favorite ecologist-turned-jungle girl has gained the power to grow into a giantess! (GTS fans, take note!)Helping producer Mike Frankovich, Jr. with special effects on a new T. V. series, the oversized jungle queen manages to tame […]

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Good Girl Art Quarterly 9

Price: $3.95     Giant sized fun awaits in the lead story, which feature Femforce supporting giantess, Garganta in color in “Island Claws”. In an effort to help them both better master their size-changing abilities, Tara Fremont has brought Garganta to the peace and tranquility of her Jungle Island preserve. But the quiet doen’t last […]

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Good Girl Art Quarterly 5

Price: $5.00     GTS Lead Story!! The Femforce’s resident jungle girl, Tara Fremont gets tricked into appearing on T. V. in an infomercial- and is secretly slipped a dose of the unstable “Garganta Formula”! Wild highjinks ensue as she grows to giantess proportionns, busting through the top of the studio. As luck would have […]

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Nightveil Volume Two 1

Price: $6.95     The Mystic Miss of the Femforce, Nightveil returns to appear in her own solo adventures in this great initial issue of the second volume of her own comic book series to accompany her adventures in the regular Femforce title. First, a visit to pay respects to the dearly departed erupts into […]

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Nightveil’s Cauldron of Horror 3

Price: $1.47     A Halloween Special!! All new material this issue, NO reprints!! It’s Halloween Night, (Actually, a continuation of events that started in Femforce #42.) and She-Cat, Synn, Stardust and Jennifer Burke(the new Ms. Victory) are lurking about a graveyard to hear Nightveil tell ghost stories. And NV does not dissappoint, as she […]

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Nightveil’s Cauldron of Horror 2

Price: $1.47     A Halloween Special!! While she is gone from her Everglades home on Femforce business, Nightveil’s mischievious cat Lucifer Sam accidentally spills that mystical cauldron that acted up LAST All Hallows Eve. NV gets home just in time to view three more gruesome vignettes. ( More complete reprints of pre-code horror stories.) […]

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Nightveil’s Cauldron of Horror 1

Price: Sold Out     THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT< AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! A Halloween special!! Warned by Dr. Jonathan(The Purple Claw)Weir of the coming of The Black Shroud, she returns to her Everglades sanctum in order to perform a ritual seeking out The ‘Shroud’s evil emanations. While in the mystic trance, […]

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Nightveil Special 1

Price: $6.00     ALL COLOR!!! The Sorceress Supreme ( and charter Femforce member ) must help a struggling cartoonist undo a calamity, when one of the fictional monsters he has created comes to life to wreak havoc on the city. Her best solution- bring to life another of his fictional creations, a superheroine, to […]

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Nightveil 7

Price: $15.00     ALL COLOR!!! One of the most pivotal stories in Femforce continuity, and the AC universe as a whole. As Nightveil returns one space case to Limbo, ( Synn, Girl From LSD, finishing off events in Femforce #6 ) another waits outside the home of Joan(Ms. Victory)Wayne- The Black Commando!! As part […]

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Nightveil 6

Price: $2.00     ALL COLOR!!! The Black Commando is loose and on the run-and the first place he runs to is old flame Laura(Nightveil)Wright. But after almost four decades in stasis, how could he find her? Could it be…magic? Not that it matters that much to NV, but The ‘Commando appears to be crazy, […]

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Nightveil 5

Price: $15.00     ALL COLOR!!! New artist (and soon to be comic creative superstar ) Erik Larsen comes on board the Nightveil strip, while she continues to grapple with life in the contemporary “real” world, and a ghost from Laura’s past resurfaces. Dan Barton, also known as The Black Commando (and Laura’s one-time fiancee) […]

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Nightveil 4

Price: $3.50     ALL COLOR!!! Trying to rejoin the “real” world after her years of arcane studies, Nightveil assumes her Laura Wright identity to try to regain control of her familie’s financial holdings. When her own attorney tries to kill her, Nightveil doen’t suspect that he is actually a slave of Umbra, Voodoo Priestess!! […]

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Nightveil 3

Price: $20.00     ALL COLOR!!! Caught in a battle between two fanatical factions Femforcer Nightveil is drawn into a confrontation with N’Shuggoth The Unspeakable- spawn of Chaos, first and last of The Mad Gods. When she thought the demon worm wanted to kill her, it was bad enough-imagine her shock when the thing looks […]

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Nightveil 2

Price: $3.50     ALL COLOR!!! Little Wendy went to chuch, but she didn’t go to pray; for in this church, the cross dripped blood-and little girls were brought to slay!! A mystical premonition warns Nightveil that a group of mad cultists will attempt to sacrifice a young girl at an abandonded church, in order […]

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Nightveil 1

Price: $3.00     ALL COLOR!!! Born to wealthy parents, Laura Wright enjoyed the easy life of a young socialite- until the onset of World War II. Her involvement with and apparent death of a young government espionage agent inspired her to adopt costume and mask as The Blue Bulleteer ,( Heavily influenced by actual […]

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She-Cat 5A

Price: $2.50     Five years after production was halted, AC tried again with a solo series on She-Cat, picking up the numbering where it left off. Due to an accident at the distributors, MOST copies of She-Cat 5 were destroyed before being distributed. Neeeding to go back to press to cover unfilled orders, a […]

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She-Cat 4

Price: $2.00     Plotlines converge as She-Cat returns to FF headquarters just as The Black Commando and friend reach Central Florida. Thinking the super-team’s home might be the safest haven for his charge, The ‘Commando only succeeds in putting all parties concerned into an ambush. Upon learning that they’re both being manipulated by the […]

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She-Cat 3

Price: $2.50     She-Cat quite suddenly finds that the mysterious woman known as Black Mantis is NOT an enemy, but her biggest ally- with an interesting family background. Meanwhile, Captain Freedom is pulled deeper into the deception, and yet MORE hired thugs set upon Colt.This untitled story is written and drawn by Billie Marimon, […]

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She-Cat 2

Price: $20.00     If you think things were resolved last issue, forget it- General Gordon is aquitted, he springs the psychotic Barney from jail, a female mercenary named Mantis, Colt AND some mysterious ninjas are ALL on She-Cat’s tale, and, oh, yeah; she gets framed for murder, too. It’s hard to see how she’ll […]

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She-Cat 1

Price: $2.50     The Femforce’s own feline fury, She-Cat gets her own solo series as the physical changes in her manifested by the deteriorating bond with the human side that holds the cat-demon inside her in check cause her government bosses to begin viewing her as a security risk. Rather than face a cover-up […]

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Curse of the She-Cat 1

Price: $10.00     The savage she-demon and charter member of the Femforce in her first solo book, this one-shot anolmaly gave readers more insight into the ancient evil cat-diety Sehkmet, who posseses She-cat and fuels her powers. The rest of the origin story herin was later refuted as a ruse, and the true details […]

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Femforce Pin-up Portfolio 5

Price: $5.00     Special Superbabes edition!!! Fifth great issue-all color! This special edition has all the fantastic full-page sexy Femforce shots of previous issues, with several unique twists. Produced in conjunction with the successful “Superbabes” licensed roll-playing game (based on the gals of the AC universe), it also features pieces by all the favorite […]

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Femforce Pin-Up Portfolio 4

Price: $5.00     All color, bonus pull-out poster!!! Fourth volume in this history-making glamour study of AC’s top female super characters the Femforce, and all their friends. (And even a few foes, too.) Besides pieces by the best professionals, this issue presented the winners of AC’s first pin-up portfoloio art contest- ten great up-and-coming […]

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Femforce Pin-up Portfolio 3

Price: $4.00     Special color section!!! Third issue of this pioneering annual focusing on the glamorous charms of the ladies of the Femforce, as seen in there quieter moments, with a special emphasis this year on the revived Golden Age gals, the heroines from The Vault Of Heroes. Spectacular, full-page drawings by some of […]

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Femforce Pin-Up Portfolio 2

Price: $10.00     The second edition of comicdom’s original sultry glamor special, chock full of cheesecake illustrations of the entire Femforce cast and supporting characters.This issue includes:Ms. Victory, Nightveil, She-Cat, Rad, Buckaroo Betty, Cave Girl, Tara, Blue Bulleteer, Sudz McFloozy, Colt, Nyoka, Foxfire and more, as drawn by John Beatty, Bill Black, Rafael(Ralph)Cabrera, Paul […]

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Femforce Pin-Up Portfolio 1

Price: $5.00     The first, the original “swimsuit special”! See the gorgeous girls of the Femforce, their frinds, foes and supporting characters, in glamorous, sexy . full-page, full-figure shots. Loads of guest aetists, guest characters, and interesting situations and costume variations. Characters include: Ms. Victory, Nightveil, She-Cat, Stardust, Synn, Tara, Rad, Colt, Dragonfly, Stella […]

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Dragonfly 8

Price: $2.00     Aleyta and Ken/Psiborg spar as the spirit of Dragonfly is sent to the dimension of the insect diety, Zzara to decide if she will live or die, in this untitled story. The final verdict is live, but Dragonfl’s solo book dies, as this is the last issue of the series. The […]

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Dragonfly 7

Price: $4.00     “Ghost Story”. D-fly’s late fiance’ Ken and the villainous Psiborg are back-and they are one in the same. This cannot be a good thing. As Nancy sorts out her feelings,Stardust (of the Femforce) kidnaps Aleyta, the son of the Red Butcher strikes, and guest star The Shade can only begin to […]

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Dragonfly 6

Price: $2.00     Nancy is plagued by nightmares, even as Kuromoko, Anteas and the son of The Red Butcher play out the schemes of the Black Shroud. Neither the advances of a married co-worker, or the attack of the villain “Skyjack” can shock D-fly as much as the sudden return of- her fiance’?? Story […]

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Dragonfly 5

Price: $4.00     “The Mantis Mandate, Part II” has D-fly and the Scarlet Scorpion dueling with more economy-sized arthropods than you can shake a stick at, and not even the Masqueraders’ help seems like enough. Kuromoko and Anteas plot while Nancy’s former brother-in-law kidnaps his own daughter. Life will have to get easier on […]

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Dragonfly 4

Price: $4.00     It’s insect pests aplenty as giant bugs invade the future Femforcers’ hometown of Newark, as Dr. Gunther Manning , alias Mantis Man makes his first appearance. in “The Mantis Mandate”. Nancy’s sister and niece are terrorized by Janies’ ex-husband, and Psiborg plots to use the late fiances’ body. But help is […]

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Dragonfly 3

Price: $2.00     Her fiance is dead-but not gone. And neither is that pesky Psiborg. But Nancy Arazello, A. K. A. Dragonfly must contend with the fact that the alien she works with is a renegade Rurian,and trouble erupts when another Rur-born super-type, Stardust shows up to take her home.Within a few years, Dusty […]

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Dragonfly 2

Price: $40.00     The heroine who never wanted to be is back, and staves off the coldly evil Psiborg,while her abusive brother-in-law threatens, and an undercover alien infiltrates her areospace workplace in “Cycle Of Fire”. If not for the fact that her disgruntled boyfriend is trying to make a deal with the insect diety […]

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Dragonfly 1

Price: $40.00     Rik (Captain America) Levins’ creation in the fist issue of her own book, as the reluctant superheroine tries to master her newfound powers, and pacify the fiance’ who wishes he had them instead. The future Femforce member takes on her first major villain as she battles the otherworldly Psiborg, while she […]

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Dragonfly : Cycle of Fire Graphic Novel

Price: $100.00     AC/Paragon’s first venture into the graphic novel format, this book reprints the contents of Dragonfly #’s 1 and 2, covering tghe future Femforcer’s first major battles as a superheroine. The former Nancy Arazello must stave off the attacks of Psiborg, while dealing with the affect that gaining superpowers have on her […]

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Femforce Frightbook 1 SOLD OUT!!

Price: $0.00     THIS BOOK IS NOW COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!! Strange hybrid- Golden Age & 1950’s reprints introduced by Femforce members Ms. Victory, Stardust, Tara & Nightveil. “The Ladt & The Monster” (starring The Frightenstein Monster & Lady Luger!!) by Dick Briefer; “The Report” &”River of Blood” by Bob […]

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Untold Origin of Ms. Victory 1

Price: $7.00     Special one-shot that takes place early in the career of AC’s top superheroine (and Femforce team leader) Ms. (at that time, Miss ) Victory. Soon after aquiring her amazing powers in the early 1940’s, Joan Wayne donned costume and mask to fight crime. But she was a scientist, not a fighter, […]

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Synn Special 1

Price: $3.95     There is no one less likely to have ended up as a superhero than Silva Synn. A former exotic dancer whose tragic past led her to live life on the wild side, kidnapped and experimented on by a renegade scientist working for a twisted secret cabal, the scientific tampering unleashing the […]

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Ms Victory Special 1

Price: $10.00     ALL COLOR!!! Comic’s first female superheroine and leader of the Femforce got her first-ever solo special back in 1985, and this is it. “Ms. Victory At Sea” shows us some of Joan Wayne’s ( Ms. V’s alter ego) home life, including daughter Jennifer and grandson Jason, her relationship ( professional and […]

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Miss Victory Golden Anniversary Special 1

Price: $2.50     Ms. Victory, AC Comics top supercharacter and leader of the long-running Femforce superteam, is actually a continuation of comics FIRST costumed superheroine, Miss Victory. This extra thick special celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of her creation. Initially appearing in the Golden Age of comics in the Helnit(later to become Holyoke Comics) publication, […]

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Fem Fantastique 1

Price: $0.00     THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! Intended as a support title to the Femforce comic, this rotating anthology was to contain several solo stories featuring FF members and supporting cast. This premiere issue has the unpredictable Rad running afoul of a race of little aliens with an […]

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Colt 1

Price: $20.00     The pint-sized weapons expert (who would one day lead the Femforce ) here in her own special, battles old enemy Trailblazer to save new friend Tara Fremont and her wildlife preserve in “Terror Off Jungle Island”, by Don Secrease, Kevin Dzuban and David Zimmerman. Guest-starring Black Diamond, with cameos by Colt […]

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Blue Bulleteer Special 1

Price: $8.00     A special celebration of a quarter century of adventures of the scantily-clad sharpshooter and Femforce favorite; includes a text history of the character, a new Bill Black story of her first encounter with arch villainess Alizarin Crimson, “All Exciting Comics”, a new retro-style BB tale guest-starring the Black Terror and Rocketman, […]

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Blue Bulleteer 1

Price: $10.00     Wild, good girl art superheroics with AC’s homage to Fox Features’ Phantom Lady.( And charter Femforce member) BB’s first solo book;this issue includes a recap of her origin, and guest appearances by The Black Commando, Rio Rita, and The Bulleteer. Cover by Bill Lux, stories include ” Double Trouble For Lady […]

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Femforce Up Close 11

Price: $1.47     On Dark Dhagor, the home of Azagoth, and training ground fro Nightveil, disaster looms. The evil sorceress Vivarna now holds sway, and Nightveil’s mentor fears the worst is yet to come- when that tremendous arcane force turned evil, The Darkshade arrives. Will even Nightveil herself be safe from its foul taint? […]

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Femforce Up Close 10

Price: $1.47     Ever since emerging from The Vault of Heroes , former Golden Age heroine Yankee Girl has been unhappy in our present-day world.The most direct solution to that problem would seem to be to go back in time to the era she came from-the 1940’s. So, when a scheme to trick Dr. […]

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Femforce Up Close 9

Price: $1.47     Synn feels left out when the new boss of the Femforce, General Roberta Strock(her first AC appearance) is reluctant to give her any outside responsibilities in the new FF reorganization. When a distress call from Rita Farrar in South America comes in, Synn decides to handle it herself to prove to […]

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Femforce Up Close 8

Price: $1.47     A helpless dupe and on the run with Stella Stargaze for some time, the unstable giantess Garganta is finally found by Tara Fremont and the Femforce. Taking the misunderstood giant woman to her Jungle Island refuge for safe keeping, Tara hopes that she and her biotechs may figure out a way […]

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Femforce Up Close 7

Price: $1.47     The marriage of Jennifer Wayne Burke (the new Ms. Victory) and her husband David has been strained since she first gained super powers-but it still comes as a shock to her when she is served with divorce papers from him. When David suddenly disappears, the only way to settle their problems […]

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Femforce Up Close 6

Price: $1.47     Starring Ms. Victory and She-Cat. Anti-paranormal mania is sweeping across our nation’s capital, and public opinion is rapidly moving toward registration and control of all super-powered beings. A rash of bloody murders in the Washington area just as an international council on the subject is being held there seem to point […]

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Femforce Up Close 5

Price: $1.47     It is the spring of 1943, and the American homefront seems peaceful and quiet- but not so for the Wright family, as Senator Thomas Wright, father of Laura(Blue Bulleteer)Wright is kidnapped by Axis agents. Against impossible odds, BB must use all of her wits, intelligence and fighting skill just to find […]

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Femforce Up Close 4

Price: $1.47     A series of senseless, random murders is plaguing the city, and She-Cat is on the prowl ,to try to ferret out the perpetraror .The utter brutality of the crimes has ‘Cat wax introspective on how hard it has been for to learn to control her bestial side- and we see a […]

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Femforce Up Close 3

Price: $1.47     Nancy Arazello never set out to be a superheroine, and her paranormal identity as Dragonfly has set her life on end. With the D-Fly personna more and more dominant , change is the watchward. Fed up even with her temporary membership in the Femforce, she walks out on that, buys a […]

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Femforce Up Close 2

Price: Sold Out     THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! The Femforces’s alien member, Stardust is in the spotlight this issue, as the upheavil caused by the death of Jason Burke (in Femforce #50 ) leaves her puzzled, coming from a civilization on Rur that discourages the feeling and expressing […]

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Femforce Up Close 1

Price: Sold Out     THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE. The first issue of 1992’s landmark COLOR spin-off series from the popular FEMFORCE comic, with each issue focusing on one or two members and therir lives & histories. “For The Sake of What Should Have Been” revisits the origins […]

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